The Clock is Ticking for Jurgen Klinsmann

After a devastating loss versus Guatemala in World Cup Qualifying, it is clear that this current crop of US Men’s National Team players are uncertain, lackadaisical, and seeking a team identity. They are reluctantly playing for a delusional narcissistic manager, who lacks any ability to shoulder responsibility. Jurgen Klinsmann’s continuous refusal to look in the mirror and take responsibility for his disjointed squads and baffling lineup decisions is a detriment to the entire federation.

Case and point, Klinsmann, who has come under increased scrutiny as of late, was asked how such a lack of focus could be present at the start of a game. He replied, “That’s a good question for the players.” How about NO, that’s a great question for you, Klinsi! Perhaps they weren't focused early because you insist on playing half of the lineup out of their natural positions, setting them up for failure. Considering the amount of bizarre lineup blunders, one must wonder if any of Jurgen’s assistant coaches ever dare to challenge his decisions. How can these selections go unchecked?

Let’s run down the list of players that were slotted out of their natural positions…

- Deandre Yedlin at midfield / winger? That experiment is a fruitless pursuit.
- Mix Diskerud at holding midfielder? A position he does not play professionally and isn’t built for.
- The pomposity to insist that Michael Bradley play as an attacking midfielder, when clearly he is much more suited to play holding midfielder is preposterous.
- I would be remiss to not mention a personal pet peeve of mine- the constant inclusion of Michael Orozco to any national team camp.  Last night, Klinsmann starts him at centerback?! Can someone, anyone, please explain to me why Orozco is consistently included in USMNT camps to begin with? What am I missing here? Because there is absolutely zero reason he should be on the team, let alone starting at centerback in a qualifier (even against lowly Guatemala). And in fairness to Orozco, by trade he is a left back so yet again an example of a player being out of position.
- Geoff Cameron earns a hefty paycheck in the EPL playing in the middle of the field as a centerback or defensive midfield. He has the prototypical build, ability, and mentality to play centerback, yet Klinsmann shoehorned him into the lineup at outside back.

Why don’t we play Tim Howard at center mid in our next World Cup Qualifier? With the slew of random lineup inclusions and schematic flaws, I have to wonder if the players have tuned him out. And does Jurgen fancy himself as some sort of a mad scientist? I wish I had enough faith in US Soccer Federation head muckety-muck, Sunil Gualiti, to give Jurgen his walking papers but considering the money still owed through 2018 and the power Klinsmann yields inside the federation it isn’t a reality.

After such a nightmare performance, the consensus among USMNT fans and media was disdain, confusion, and befuddlement. Keep in mind that this response isn’t unwarranted or a knee-jerk reaction. This is merely the cherry on top of what has been brewing for two years- the lost points in the World Cup, the CONCACAF Gold Cup embarrassment, losing the playoff versus Mexico, and now this result.

Klinsmann was advertised to be the man to move our national team forward but I can’t help but believe that we have regressed. We lack an identity or even a solidified scheme. Hey look, I bought the hype hook, line, and sinker too. I had hoped for Jurgen to be the USMNT coach as far back as 2008 but given what has transpired over the last 5 years I now have full-fledged buyer’s remorse. It’s time to go Klinsmann. Your time is up.