Beckham's Group Purchases Private Stadium Site


The Miami MLS franchise is starting to look like an MLS franchise that will play in Miami. 
After a long period of no news whatsoever, people accurately pointing out that there hadn't been any news whatsoever, and then other people arguing with those people saying that things were actually happening, we've now arrived at the end of March with some actual tangible Miami MLS franchise news!  
They're building a stadium!  Well, ok no, they aren't actually building a stadium. Not yet. But, they did purchase the land they need to build a stadium in the Overtown neighborhood of Miami. 
Well, ok no, they purchased SOME of the land that they need to begin the process of building a stadium in Miami.  What they purchased is six acres of privately owned real estate that will allow them to enter the political arena and begin what is guaranteed to be a rather drawn out process of petitioning the government for the right to purchase additional government owned land. Once they purchase the government owned land, they can begin the super exciting path to stadium construction by obtaining permits for road closures and rezoning!   
Got it?  I'm not sure I do either.  I'm pretty confident that this IS progress however, and any news is good news for potential fans of the yet to be formed club. 
I suppose that the ownership group can take solace in the fact that even if this ultimately fails, David Beckham will find himself the owner of a pretty nice four acre parking lot.