Farewell from Total MLS

When Total MLS was created 7.5 years ago, we never could have imagined the fun we’d have. We started TMLS as a voice for the fans. While we never really got to where we wanted to be, I am extremely proud of the work we did and what we accomplished.

Thank you to our editors, Mark, Ian, Jimmy. You guys are amazing people and I consider each of you dear friends. Thank you to all the people who wrote for us over the years. I appreciate every single one of you for taking time out of your lives to write about soccer just because you love this sport and this league. Thank you to everyone at Major League Soccer and all of the teams. Every person we dealt with over the years could not have been nicer and more accommodating and made a lot of our work possible. Thank you to our readers/listeners/the fans. We really appreciated every comment and nice thing you said about our work (and even the negative things).

There are so many more people I wish I could thank personally, and hopefully I can do that with each of you one day over a beverage. As for me, I’ll still be in the MLS community, doing some Dynamo coverage (so stay tuned for that). I’d like to allow the other editors to give some final thoughts as well, you will see those below. Hopefully I’ll see you all around very soon.

Dustyn Richardson

Editor In Chief



Greetings and Salutations Major League Soccer fans. It’s been a fun and rewarding experience bringing you matchday gifs, the occasional joke, and/or controversial take over the last few years. Total MLS has been a tremendous labor of love by a few very passionate individuals, and I’ll always value having been a part of that. One of the goals that we set out to do was to provide independent coverage of MLS, and while I don’t think we succeeded as comprehensively as we would had dreamed, I’m still very proud of the work we did while we were able to do it.

I hope you don’t unfollow the Twitter account, and as time allows I may pop on from time to time to do some banter or gifs, but I’m simply not able to commit the time that I once was. I’m extremely pleased to have seen considerable improvement from the league and the individual teams in regards to their digital matchday presentations, and it’s become apparent to me that they’ve got you covered far better than I was able to as an individual.

I’ll still be around in the MLS community, and I hope there is never a time where I’m not able to be. If you miss me for any reason, be sure to check out a podcast I do for @analysisevolved and visit the website to see a weekly column I do about MLS narratives and other projects as time allows.

I’m sure we’ll meet again on the corner of Twitter street and MLS avenue and disagree about what is or isn’t a deliberate handball or the proper spelling of offside (It’s offside not offsides ffs). Until we do, we’ll always have that time that Colman kicked the goalpost and fell down.

I cannot with words adequately express my love and gratitude to you for sharing your MLS weekends with me.

Always your MLS pal,




“It’s been fun, hasn’t it? It’s been fun. It’s no surprise, isn’t it? But, it’s been fun.”

It’s been fun because of you, mostly. We’ve had our laughs, our arguments, and we’ve all grown because of each other. Total MLS has always been a place for the fans. It’s no secret that this place has been a labor of love, and there’s probably a discussion to be had about the larger landscape of soccer content in the US, but not today. I don’t want that to be today.

Total MLS will always be my starting point. I want to thank Dustyn Richardson, especially, for giving me a chance. A chance to write. A chance to create. A chance to give a damn. It wasn’t always easy, but it was always good.

To everyone who retweeted, read, and/or listened to us over the years: thank you.

Thanks for the memories,

Mark Kastner



I first started writing for Total MLS about two years ago. I was a bit late to the party, but it was my first legitimate soccer media opportunity. I had no idea what I was doing (I probably still don’t, tbh). All I knew was that I loved Major League Soccer, and I wanted to be a part of the league I loved in some small way.

What I didn’t expect was how much Total MLS would come to mean to me over the past two years. My fellow TMLS colleagues have become dear friends. I’ve had the pleasure to spend time with some in person, while others I’ve only met online, for now. That will change someday soon.

To all of you who’ve read our stories on TotalMLS.net, listened to our crazy conversations on the Total MLS Show, or tweeted us to let us know how stupid we are, I sincerely want to thank each and every one of you. We couldn’t have done what we did without your support. I hope all of you will continue to support independent soccer media in some way or another. I can’t stress how important that is.

If y’all thought you were getting away from me, sorry to burst your bubble. I’ll still be around soccer media, and I hope you all will continue to interact with (or at least tolerate) me. I’m always tweeting out some crazy take, and I’m coming up on the one year anniversary of my Sporting KC podcast “No Other Pod.” I’ll continue writing, I’ll just be on SBI Soccer for the foreseeable future.

Thank you again for everything. It’s been a wonderful ride.