FC Dallas' Winless Streak Approaching Historic Levels

Imagine if Schellas Hyndman was still at the helm. How many Dallas fans would have already called for his head, given the current rate of return in Frisco? 

Dallas is in an awful rut at the moment. Despite a resilient performance against New York that left FCD standing slightly taller, the winless streak marches on. At least Saturday night odds were defied, and perhaps the consequence of the 10-man draw is that the team will be more determined heading into the next. 

There is, in reality, no real need to worry. Historically, Pareja’s winless streak would have to reach double digits to touch the lows of yesteryear in Frisco, which does not seem likely given his and his team’s talent. Then again, we were all saying the same things three games into the current slide.


The new streak is notable in two ways. For one, it is not Pareja’s longest winless streak of his managerial career. That came his first year (2014) in Frisco, where FCD went on an eight game skid. In no way does it come close to the back-to-back winless streaks of Hyndman in 2012-13. You now see why Pareja’s predecessor lost his job at the end of 2013.

Secondly, the current streak is notable because it is the worst defensive display of any Pareja team to date. In the previous three seasons, Oscar’s teams struggled through a -8 goal differential over winless streaks varying in length. FCD sits at -9 in their current streak. However, If there was any time or place to break this duck it certainly would not be away to Atlanta, the boyhood wonders who have reinvented the expansion team, depending on who you ask (ask someone from Orlando, they are very receptive). But if FCD see results continue in their current manner in Georgia, Pareja will tie his own winless mark.


Coincidentally enough, Oscar has also never seen a home winless streak worse than the current four match downturn. Yet, as has been said ad nauseum, Pareja carries so much clout in Frisco. Even Hyndman got a second season to redeem himself after the awful 2012 campaign. It is unimaginable that Pareja would not be coaching Dallas next year, given his history with the club and ties to the area.

Despite the skids of 2014-16, Dallas still made the playoffs and still made the conference semifinal at a minimum every year. Mashing the panic button almost makes sense at this point, but in the MLS Cup playoff last-horse-through-the-gate format, there is plenty of reason to believe that the team will be active in early November.