Week 22 Picks

Two-thirds of the season is over. What will the final third give to us?

Well, one thing is for certain, the season’s chaotic opening has finally calmed to a level of consistency that has allowed us to hone in more specifically on which teams are likelier to win. The strong few up top have allowed our team the ability to raise our common average to a respectable level, and MLS’s home field advantage numbers are holding strong for many of the teams.

However, there are always the matches that throw us for a loop. This week has provided us with a few of those.

First, Montreal’s gracious hosting of Orlando has us concerned whether or not either team can edge out the other, providing us with the most draws ever selected for a single match.

Across the ponds in Minnesota, a rift in opinions has surfaced, as both teams are on surprising streaks. Minnesota is in “Must win” territory as their number of home matches quickly dissolves. Seattle on the other hand, are vying for a strong playoff seed and hope to solidify a place in November sooner than later by acquiring Victor Martinez over the week.

Houston have failed to string together three wins in five games since May 12, and they travel to Salt Lake City, where Petke and Co. have seemed to have found their form. As such, we are at a collective quandary as to how this match will shake out.

Meanwhile, the LA Galaxy - one of only two teams with a winning away record - travel to Portland to take on the Timbers who have not won at home since June. Can newly acquired coach Sigi Schmidt continue both those trends? Our group tends to think that favor belongs in Portland’s corner.

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