It’s that time of the year, and while (INSERT NAME OF TEAM) has had both high and low moments so far this season, if they want to strengthen their roster (and who doesn’t?) for the tail end of the season, then (INSERT GM) and co had better start moving fast. Teams like to keep their cards close to their chest, but I’ve scouted literally every player in the entire world and here are five options that might suit (INSERT HEAD COACH)’s system well.  


As the game continues to evolve tactically, the role of the outside back becomes increasingly important. Despite a lack of playing time this season, (OUTSIDE BACK)’s experience in (INSERT SCANDINAVIAN LEAGUE) cannot be discounted. (OUTSIDE BACK) possesses excellent tactical awareness, a desire to get forward into the attack and the ability to deliver a good ball from out wide. Now, (OUTSIDE BACK) has suffered from injury lately, but if he can put his fitness issues behind him, he could be a crucial part of (INSERT NAME OF TEAM)’s late season success.


Mistakes at the back cost points, and if you can improve your back line in this league, you do it. (CENTER BACK) is a composed presence in the back who reads the game and uses his positioning ability to cut off passes well. (CENTER BACK)’s height makes him a handful on set pieces in the attacking third, and his strength would make him a real hassle for the more physical forwards in the league to deal with. While (CENTER BACK) is occasionally prone to “overdoing” a challenge or two, he could be a crucial piece of (INSERT NAME OF TEAM)’s late season run if he can keep his disciplinary issues under control.


(WINGER) is a name that (INSERT NAME OF TEAM) has been linked with before as (INSERT HEAD COACH) has been looking for ways to add more pace to the starting XI. (WINGER) possesses great speed and loves to take on defenders. (WINGER) isn’t afraid to stay wide and put in a cross, but his greatest strength probably lies in his ability to cut inside and run at his opponents. (WINGER) was a crucial piece of (INSERT EUROPEAN TEAM)’s (INSERT DOMESTIC TOURNAMENT) run back in 2014, but injuries and tactical adjustments have seen him mainly on the outside looking in since then. If (WINGER) can put those fitness issues behind him, he could very well be a perfect fit for (INSERT HEAD COACH)’s system going forward.


It’s no secret that goals win games, and while (INSERT TEAM’S CURRENT STRIKER) has done well with the chances given, this is a position that you should never stop looking to improve. (STRIKER) might be on the wrong side of 30, but their (NUMBER BETWEEN 8 AND 12) goals in (NUMBER BETWEEN 26 AND 32) appearances in his last full season for (INSERT LOW TABLE SPANISH TEAM) shows that they still have plenty left in the tank. Despite not having the speed he once did in his younger days, (STRIKER) has learned to adapt his game with clever movement in and around the box that could give MLS defenders fits. (STRIKER) has a real eye for goal and his clinical finishing could be just what (INSERT NAME OF TEAM) needs to push their attack into the next gear. (STRIKER) was sent out on loan at the beginning of the year, but a nagging hamstring issue cut the loan arrangement short. Despite only featuring a handful of times for (LOW TABLE SPANISH TEAM), (STRIKER) managed to net twice in five appearances. If (STRIKER) can put those fitness issues behind him, it could be a very happy postseason for (AFFECTIONATE NAME OF FANS OF TEAM BEING PANDERED TO BY ARTICLE).


I know this might seem crazy, but part of the fun of these articles is speculating on the kind of player that (INSERT NAME OF TEAM) might want in an ideal world. Now, while (PLAYER TEAM HAS ABSOLUTELY ZERO CHANCE OF GETTING), would be difficult to lure away from (EXTREMELY FAMOUS TEAM WITH GLOBAL RECOGNITION) at this time, he’s on the wrong side of 30 and might be looking to transition to a new challenge in his career soon. While he’d obviously have to take a paycut from his current wages estimated to be (INSERT LAUGHABLE FIGURE THAT DWARFS THE ENTIRE TEAM’S PAYROLL), (INSERT OWNER NAME) has reportedly shown some interest in making a marquee signing for the club, and (PLAYER TEAM HAS ABSOLUTELY ZERO CHANCE OF GETTING) would certainly fit that bill. A nagging quad injury has greatly limited his playing time this season, but perhaps a move to (NAME OF CITY WHERE TEAM BEING PANDERED TO BY THIS ARTICLE IS BASED), might be what he needs to jumpstart his prospects. While I don’t expect this happen, it’s definitely something I think (INSERT OWNER NAME) should strongly consider doing.

What do you think? Which of these players seems like a good fit to you? If you have any other suggestions that I may have missed, please let me know if the comments! Happy transfer window!