Staff Picks - Week 17

Week 17 Pick ‘em 

The world has been flipped on its side because it’s RIVALRY WEEK!

 This week, we see a slew of matches in which bitter enemies are pitted against one another, and we at TMLS have the unenviable task of picking favorites in these love/hate relationships.

First, we begin in Washington DC, in which Atlanta United pays a visit to the league’s former representative of the “South.” One thing is for certain: we here believe that the United wearing black and red will walk away with at least a point.

From there, we go to Minnesota, in which the Land of 10,000 Lakes takes on the team surrounded by forest in the Wildlife Darby. (Vancouver, once again, is the outcast in the four way battle for the Elements Cup.) We predict...well...absolutely zero consensus on this match. As for the fourth member of the Elements Cup…

Colorado hosts the LA Galaxy late tonight in hopes that they’ll finally find a way to turn things around. These two bitter foes will fight once again for the coveted Route 15 meets Route 70 at Junction 132 Cup. If we had money on this, we would choose the Galaxy.

And finally, on Wednesday late into the night, Seattle and Orlando City clash again to see who gets to take home the Southwest Airlines Rewards Points this year. We believe jet lag will get the best of the Lions this time.

There are a few other matches worth consideration this weekend. Texas has this competition which culminates in a fireworks display shot from a cannon or something, two teams in New York bicker about whose fault it really is that the river between them is so dirty, and the world secretly hopes they’ll get to see another instance of Clint Dempsey stealing a referee’s notebook again but on national television this time against Portland.

Here are the rest of our picks for the week: