Staff Picks - Week 16

World Cup Qualifiers are in the bag until the next break, US Open Cup is done for another week, and we have no idea who is going to win this weekend!

We’ve thought long and hard about which teams benefitted most from this stretch of rest (save for the six teams that played last weekend). However, certain teams such as San Jose were hit unexpectedly with injuries during the midweek fixtures, and others were fighting and wasting energy in vain only to be eliminated from the US Open Cup...

...which leaves us in a predicament.

We know that MLS teams tend to rest their bigger names when playing against lower division opponents, but we also know that there are one or two names that tend to get minutes due to limited depth in their positions. Florian Jungwirth, for example, is one such player who took the pitch (and in his case, surgically implanted a softball into his ankle while playing somehow [if you’ve seen the picture, you’d understand as well as recoil in horror]).

We’ve decided - unanimously in fact - that New York City FC and Toronto FC are walking away with wins this weekend. Both teams are in prime position on the table, both host their opponents this week, and both opponents should be dispatched rather easily based on either their away record or just their terrible performance this season overall.

Beyond that, it’s a crapshoot. Atlanta seems like a near lock, but Dustyn believes Meram, Higuain and Co. can salvage a point. Dallas should be able to handle Vancouver, but it is in BC Place so doubts have been cast. And Finally, no one really knows what to expect with Orlando City right now with their star striker taking some personal time to rehabilitate.

Rest, International breaks, and the US Open Cup have created a zany and near-unpredictable week 16!

Anyway, here are our picks: