Fantasy Report - Round 10

Fantasy is back and this round we’ve got our second double game week (DGW) of the season. We have four teams that will be playing twice this week with Toronto, Orlando, New York Red Bulls and Sporting KC. These four teams offer lots of quality players to choose from so let's dive in and discuss our best options!

There is no denying Orlando City are a hot team right now. They currently are in first place in the league and that's with being a game behind every one due to a prior game getting postponed. However, it's important to note that both of their games this round will be on the road. One in Toronto and the other in Houston. We’ve only seen Orlando on the road twice this year where they've lost one and won one. The sample size is small but we know teams struggle on the road, especially with all the travel, it could be risky to go all in on Orlando. If this was a DGW with Orlando as the home team, this is a much different convo, but I see them having a tough time with two games on the road in such a short time period.

Toronto are a bit harder to judge in my opinion. They will be home against Orlando and then on the road against Seattle. The biggest question surrounding this team is Sebastian Giovinco. Is he a guy that you must own in this round? He hasn't been up to his normal point production ways but we certainly know what he's capable of. I don't think the question here is should you own him or not. For me it's more like “can you afford to not have him?” What I mean by that is, he's definitely going to be a popular player this round. If he explodes and has a good game and you're one of the few who doesn't have him, can you recover from that? I'd rather own him and if he brings in disappointing scores, it shouldn't hurt you that bad because everyone will be owning him as opposed to not owning him and dropping hundreds of spots. Of course there is always the chance you don't own him and your replacement player does better, you could also skip up several spots. It's all up to you and how much you're willing to risk! The decision will not be easy!

The Red Bulls are also a little bit hard to judge but that is more because they've been so inconsistent with fantasy points so far this season. Sacha Kljestan has suffered the most, he like Giovinco is not pulling in the points we’re used to seeing. For example, last round he played 90 minutes and only pulled in 2 points. The Red Bulls are still finding ways to win regardless, but Kljestan might not be the guy to look to for points this round. It also doesn't help that the Red Bulls are in the same situation as Orlando this round. They too will be on the road twice, first against Sporting KC and then against Philly. 

Lastly, Sporting KC are probably my favorite team to choose from this round. They've got a stingy defense and they finally have some goals to their name. The thing with all these teams and especially SKC is that rotation will be a serious risk. Peter Vermes had been known to drop lethal changes to his own team that mess up our fantasy team. It's impossible to guess what he’ll do, will he play his starters at home against the eastern conference Red Bulls, or will he take his show on the road to Minnesota and try to get a result against a weaker team that is in the same conference? There are benefits and perks to both, my best guess is he rests some guys against the weaker opponent in Minnesota. Either way, I think KC have the best matchups out of the 4 DGW teams this round and it's going to be tricky deciding who to choose.

A big question this round is whether or not we should choose any players that aren't on a DGW. My personal opinion is not this round. The teams that are on a DGW have good players to choose from that I would choose even in a single game week. I suggest just taking advantage of the DGW players this round and not even looking at other players.

Let's get into the picks!


Tim Melia ($5.8): Tim has a very solid defense in front of him and I just think he has the best chance at clean sheets this round. 


Jimmy Medranda ($5.5): Mr. Clean Sheet himself is someone you're going to want to own. He of course could be rotated but he sees limited minutes anyway while still bringing in solid points.

Ike Opara ($5.5): I have a hard time seeing Ike being rotated, and he's so sneaky quick and able to recover well. He also is a huge threat on set pieces both offensive and defensive.

Scott Sutter ($5.2): The new Orlando City man has been nothing but impressive so far for the Lions. He's defending incredibly well and he's picking up bonus points for his efforts defending as well as getting forward.


Carlos Rivas ($6.9): This Orlando DP got his first goal of the season last round and it was a beauty! Regardless, his speed causes a major headache for defenders and he spends most of the game chasing balls in behind and either shooting or trying to feed Cyle Larin. This is a good time to take a risk on him.

Will Johnson ($7.0): Another Orlando man who has been very important to their success so far. He's been on corner duty and has gotten a few assists there, he also has a nose for goal. He’ll be heading back to his former stomping ground in Toronto, so look for him to make a splash and show them what they missed out on.

Michael Bradley ($9.0): He isn't the type of fantasy player that's going to get you a ton of big points, but what he will do is get you consistent points. He's usually good for anything between 5-10 points and if he does grab an assist or goal, even better.

Daniel Royer ($7.5): He’s currently tied with Felipe for second most fantasy points in the Red Bulls midfield and he's a lot cheaper than Felipe. He's only selected by 8% of managers which could be an advantage if you pick him and he does well.

Kaka ($10.0): Kaka made his return last round after being out injured. The Orlando captain made an impact by getting a goal. I fully expect him to be in the lineup, it's so evident how much better the Lions are with him starting. Look for him to help his team on the road.


Sebastian Giovinco ($12.3): I have to recommend him. It would seem silly not to, but then again, Gio has made us regret picking him. Just can't afford to not have him.

Dom Dwyer ($8.9): I don't always think Dom is the best fantasy option, but when I do, it's during a DGW which includes a home game and a game against the Loons.

Ok that's it for me, let me know what you think! You know where to find me as always hit me up @notchadwick_ on twitter! Good luck!

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