The Fantasy Report - Round 13

MLS Fantasy can be a cruel game and that's never been more true than for me and my picks this past round. Granted, I fell victim to some rotation, Orlando deciding to suddenly not be good anymore, and the Dempsey fiasco. However considering all that, my players still brought in 109 points which would normally be considered a great round, not this week unfortunately. The average points were 86, which is really high compared to what it normally is. The highest score was 175 points and many managers were not far below that. The reason I'm mentioning this is to reiterate a point I made last round, these types of rounds can make or break you. After getting a 109 points I dropped 532 spots overall, I got crushed by fellow TMLSer Steven with a 150-109 score in our H2H, and I got red arrows in every single league I'm in. While I do think I can recover from this, there's no doubt that this set me back.

Everyone has bad rounds, it's bound to happen, even to this fantasy writer. My losing rage has subsided and now I'm looking on to how I can catch back up. We have another DGW (double game week) this round and the only team that is playing twice is FC Dallas. Oscar Pareja is notoriously known for rotating his players during DGWs so beware! In case you didn't know, Dallas will begin their DGW on the road against a Chicago team that is looking stronger every week. They will then head back home and face Houston in an anticipated Texas Derby.

Some other games that I'd like to point out begin with another highly anticipated game, Seattle Sounders hosting the Portland Timbers. These two Cascadia rivals have faced each other many times and it's almost always an entertaining match. Portland will be without the likes of Diego Chara thanks to his red card last round and that really only benefits Seattle. These two teams do not like each other and I'm always weary of rivalry games. Many times in the past there have been plenty of yellow and red cards to hand out, and that makes me want to not pick players from this game. However, I do think the biggest and maybe only choice in my book would be Nicolas Lodeiro. He's not known for his card pickups and he's one heck of a player. In a rivalry game, I'd look to him to be the difference maker.

If you're looking for defensive points this round I would say look no further than Colorado Rapids hosting Sporting Kansas City. Colorado is not known for their scoring ways and this season SKC is known for their defense. Sporting also could be without Dom Dwyer which also raises Colorado’s chances of a clean sheet but I will add they have very capable backups such as Latif Blessing and Sony Saad. I’ll be honest though, I'm mostly looking at Sporting’s defense in this game and looking for offensive options elsewhere.

The last game I want to touch on is a personal one to me. My hometown club Minnesota United will be hosting my adopted club Orlando City. I have love for both of these teams but I'm looking at Minnesota to really take it up a notch against Orlando. Not only will Minnesota be hosting, but Orlando has shown that they haven't really been good on the road this season. Orlando also haven't found themselves a win in 5 games. Meanwhile, United have a little extra motivation. Considering Adrian Heath was fired from a club he helped build and Orlando City weren't willing to pay up to keep Kevin Molino, the Loons will be looking to get the win for their coach and teammate. I'm so excited for this game no matter who wins, but given all the evidence, I'm thinking Minnesota comes out on top. With all that being said though, Minnesota is many things but I don't think speedy is one of them. I do think Carlos Rivas will find some success in this game. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I think both teams have good fantasy options.

Ok enough discussing, let's get into the picks.


Tim Melia ($5.6): I fully expect Tim to hold down the fort in Colorado. I just don't think Colorado has the attacking power to net one against Tim and his defense.


Jimmy Medranda ($5.5): In my opinion he's the most valuable player in the game for his out of position listing in fantasy. He's also playing against Colorado so there's that too.

Ike Opara ($5.8): For the sake of not being repetitive, I'm just going to say he's in my lineup for the same reason as Melia and Medranda.

Florian Jungwirth ($6.3): Every week his value goes up more and more. He's bringing in lots of bonus points even when his team doesn't keep a cleansheet. He's a good one to own.


Nicolas Lodeiro ($11.5): As I mentioned earlier, in one of, if not the biggest rivalry game in MLS, I'm looking to him to step up to bring in some major fantasy points.

Carlos Rivas ($6.9): Rivas has emerged as a totally different player than what we’ve seen in the past. He still sends balls into outer space, but he's also played some fabulous balls to his teammates and found the goal himself a few times. I'm mostly bringing him in for his pace and Minnesota's lack thereof.

Kevin Molino ($10.1): Molino is going to be looking to make Orlando regret not keeping him as well as showing support for his coach that believed he was worth the asking price. I see him coming up big for the Loons.

Michael Barrios ($8.2): I've always been a fan of Barrios and while he is a rotation risk, I've seen him gain valuable fantasy points with limited minutes. At $8.2 he’s also a pretty good bargain in my opinion.

Kellyn Acosta ($7.2): This guy is a star in the making and he is really valuable to Dallas’ success. Have to look to him in a Dallas DGW.


Maxi Urruti ($9.0): Again, he's on a DGW and he's the main guy for Dallas up top. I'm liking his odds and again, I'm loving the price of these Dallas guys.

David Villa ($10.9): Atlanta’s attack is something special to watch, but so is David Villa’s. On the road sort of makes me nervous, but Atlanta have been a little leaky, so I'm picking up the Spaniard this round.

That's it for my picks. I’ll be honest and say I was a bit stumped on some of these, I considered 5 at the back at one point but I feel confident in this lineup. Let me know what you think or what you would do differently @notchadwick_, I'd love to hear from you. Also let me know if you made it or broke it this round. Good luck everyone!

Lastly, a little update on the Total MLS Classic League, we have a new leader. After several weeks in the #1 spot, Gary Mowatt and the GM Rovers dropped down to 5th place and Andrzej Zaleski and his team JKfc has taken over the first place spot. Congrats to all!