Oh, Dear

We’ve all heard the running jokes about MLS. Some people out there will seize every opportunity to make fun of the quality of soccer here in the States. Well, as most of us know, MLS continues to improve every year, and the league we all love is actually doing pretty well for only being 21-years-old.

Each week at Total MLS our good friend Ian works tirelessly to bring you the best moments of the week via GIFs on Twitter. If you follow @TotalMLS, he’s probably become like a friend to you (unless you’re a Portland fan). You've seen evidence of the league’s improving quality of play on a weekly basis through Ian’s work.

That’s not to say MLS doesn’t have its moments.

There are two simple words that no player wants to see next to his GIF.

“Oh dear.”

When our buddy Ian utters those words alongside one of his GIFs, you know something tragic has happened. These moments may not be funny at the time for the player(s) involved, but time heals all wounds, right? We all need to laugh at ourselves every now and then.

So, let’s take a look back at some of the best “Oh dear” moments from the TMLS GIF era.

Oh, sorry. That last one isn’t from MLS. My bad.