Staff Picks - Week 12 Part 2

The Drawctor will see you now.

Seriously, the draws on our pick sheet are getting out of hand. Earlier this week, in part 1, we combined for a 25% possibility that the teams in midweek and Friday night would end in a stalemate. Only San Jose and Orlando ended as such, resulting in quite a few wrong guesses by our team.

So have we learned our lesson?


25% of our picks for the rest of the week - again - are draws! The only person not picking any draws is Cory, who approached the weekend with the home field advantage strategy. Only two matches were picked without a draw, one being unanimously in favor of FC Dallas over the Earthquakes, and the other being a near even split between Minnesota United FC and the LA Galaxy.

Meanwhile, it seems as if we believe that each affair in Canada will turn out drab and boring, the matches in Montreal and Vancouver netting the most draws predicted.

Finally, we welcome our newest addition to the TMLS team, Rafael, who makes his first picks this weekend.

Here are our picks: