The Fantasy Report - Round 12

It's that time of week again, fantasy time! You know when games start on a Wednesday that it's going to be a good fantasy round. This time we have 10 teams on a DGW (double game week) which means there are plenty of players to choose from. This type of round can see you jump a  several hundred spots or it could drop you hundreds of spots.

It's important to remember in rounds like this that every team is a rotation risk. Some teams have just come off DGWs others have DGWs coming up. No team is safe with maybe the exception of the single game week teams. Make picks at your own risk.

Also, I can't tell you what to do but I can tell you which DGW teams I personally won't be picking from. First up, Houston. It was mentioned in the MLSFI podcast that Houston hasn't won an away game yet this season, and here they are this round with two away games. Hard pass for me. Real Salt Lake also gets no love from me this round. With how they've been playing coupled with all the call-ups and injuries they have, they are a hot mess and I want nothing to do with them. I have to add Colorado to my list of “do not touch.” They played well last round against San Jose but two road games for a team that already struggles to score is no bueno. The last team I'm not looking at is Philly. You may scratch your head since they have two home games and are in decent form right now, but I'm sticking to my belief that they are a bad team who should not be trusted whatsoever.

Some matchups that I really like this round have to start with teams that are playing RSL. Seattle and New York City have been blessed with playing a team that has let in the most goals in the league. They are beaten, battered and bruised and I fully expect Seattle and NYCFC to walk all over them.

I'm also liking Orlando this round. I really do think that the Lions will rotate against San Jose and put their best out for rival NYC at home. However, if you all remember, Orlando started the season with what one could call “rotation.” They had Kaka go down within the first 10 minutes of a game, they had Will Johnson at right back, and Cristian Higuita wasn't even starting at that point. Some would say Orlando were even stronger with that lineup. San Jose isn't really known for their scoring either so I think OC gets something out of this game.

I could sit here and talk strategy all day but let's just get into the picks.


Joe Bendik ($5.1): The obvious choice for keepers this round is Andre Blake or Matt Lampson and don't get me wrong, they are excellent choices, but I'm liking my differential of Bendik this week. I don't see San Jose scoring on him unless something sketchy goes down. Orlando has also played NYC twice this year and have won both. Bendik kept a cleansheet the first game at home and let 1 goal in at NYC. Since he will be at home against them, I'm liking his odds.


Florian Jungwirth ($6.1): Florian is going against two top teams in Orlando and Dallas but he has been really consistent with his point production and I don't think that should be ignored.

Scott Sutter ($5.0): The new right back for Orlando has been impressive not only defensively but also on the offensive side. He gets forward and he plays excellent crosses into the box. I have to take him in this DGW.

Johan Kappelhof ($5.4): Kappelhof is in my lineup since he is facing two really bad offensive teams. Colorado and D.C. have not done a good job of putting the ball in the net this year and that benefits Kappelhof and the Chicago defense.


Rodney Wallace ($7.7): I think you could also go with Jack Harrison here but Wallace gets my pick for being just a tad cheaper. He's going up against RSL and I really like that matchup.

Nicolas Lodeiro ($11.5): I think this will be a big week for Lodeiro. Not only against RSL, but I also think against SKC. Peter Vermes loves to rotate so I'm thinking there might be opportunities for Seattle in that game.

Dax McCarty ($9.4): Dax has been so good for Chicago so far and I don't expect that to change against two pretty weak teams.

Diego Valeri ($10.4): Valeri is the only single week player I'm recommending. He's going up against a Montreal team that has struggled. He's back from injury and he's going to be looking to provide for his team like he's used to. His potential this round could easily surpass some of the DGWers.


David Villa ($10.7): He is a rotation risk, especially against RSL, but I'm willing to take the risk even if he is only a second half sub against them.

Clint Dempsey ($9.7): I'm picking Clint for pretty much the same reasons as Lodeiro. Seattle is too good of a team to keep struggling like they have been and this round could make up some seriously ground for them.

Nemanja Nikolic ($9.9): I think most managers will be picking him up this round. Not to sound like a broken record but with two games against two weak teams, gotta like his odds.

And that was all she wrote, thank you for reading. I'd love to hear what you think or what you would do differently, hit me up @notchadwick_. I hope to hear from you, good luck everyone!

Also, as always, a little update on our Total MLS Classic League. Gary Mowatt and the GM Rovers hang onto the top spot for another week. Check out the rest of the top 10 teams!