Staff Picks - Week 11

We’re developing a consistency!

Nearing the end of the first turn of this season’s race to the MLS Cup, certain teams are starting to stand out as top contenders. That being said, our predictions are becoming more and more stable. Granted, there are a few surprises. Only four of us were smart enough to select Toronto FC to win a game last week, and none of us expected them to walk away with six points. However, only three of us scored below average overall with yours truly correctly guessing seven out of thirteen matches correctly, the most of all predictions last week.

This week, a surprising event has unfolded. Of all the weeks we have participated, this week has the fewest draws predicted. Dustyn’s typical draw-heavy selections remains the only semblance of normalcy in a world of confident picks one way or the other. Additionally, fortune favors the home teams, as 10 of the 12 matches predicted have the hosts winning. In fact, only 16 times are the away team favored (that’s out of 108 selections)!

Here are the picks in detail: