The Fantasy Report - Round 7

Round 5 is officially done and dusted and this week we welcome Round 6 to the fold. This round was originally supposed to be a massive double game week (DGW) but the good folks at MLS Fantasy changed it to a normal game week so that Round 7 wouldn't be a massive bye week. It's confusing but it's for the greater good, just take my word for it.

After last round, I have given up on the LA Galaxy defense. They were so bad and especially against a Vancouver team that hasn't impressed. So even though they are playing at home against a Piatti-less Montreal, I would not suggest taking that risk. In fact I might be looking at a Matteo Mancosu or Dominic Oruro instead. Even if you don't think the Galaxy defense is bad, just also keep in mind that they have yet to keep a clean sheet. There are better options in my opinion.

Some questions have been raised about both Minnesota United and Real Salt Lake after last round. Was it a fluke? Is Minnesota not as bad as we thought? Is RSL worse than we thought? Well to answer your doesn't really matter. Minnesota United playing FC Dallas this round and it is not going to be easy. Before you go loading up on Dallas players it's important to remember two things. First is that Dallas had a Champion’s League game in Mexico midweek and rotation is a serious risk. The second thing to remember is that Minnesota has been managing to still score despite getting blown out all season, even against the stingy Colorado defense. The choice on what you do with this game is completely yours but I wouldn't be the friendly Fantasy Report writer that I am if I didn't at least point it out.

Looking at RSL against Vancouver is a bit of a different story. Mike Petke will officially be in charge, but who really knows how quickly he can actually make an impact. They will also be the home team against a Vancouver team that also played midweek. Again rotation could be an issue, but this to me looks like a classic game of two bad teams playing each other. Joao Plata did manage some minutes last round so he could potentially get more significant minutes this game but it's hard to gauge how this game will play out. Let's put it this way, I wouldn't trust either team to keep a clean sheet but benefit of the doubt has to go to RSL here as they are the home team.

One last game I want to touch on is Sporting Kansas City at home against the Colorado Rapids. This is where I'm going to choose to clean-sheet hunt. Colorado is known for their defense and Sporting KC has had some serious troubles scoring this season. At the same time, Colorado is not an offensive team even in the least bit and KC has been fairly strong on defense, not to mention they will be the home team. I could easily see this game ending 0-0 and I think defenders from either side would be a safe bet. I will lean a bit toward SKC since they do have the players who can score and be dangerous but I would not touch an offensive player in this game.

Let's get into the picks!


Tim Melia ($5.7): Tim was a favorite of mine last year and I'm thrilled to recommend him again. I just don't see Colorado getting past him without the help of some fluke or something.


Jimmy Medranda ($5.2): Jimmy seems like a win win kind of pick. He can get you your defensive points as well as be an offensive threat seeing as he plays out of position.

Ike Opara ($5.3): Ike is a steal this year, he is cheaper than he deserves to be and he’s such a solid player both defensively and on offensive set pieces. Pick him up!

Alvas Powell ($5.0): I was considering recommending Seth Sinovic over Powell but I don't think it's safe to put all your eggs in one basket just in case things don't turn out the way we think. Powell will be playing away from home but he's taking on what I consider a weak Philly team. Plus he's been bringing in some really solid points so far this season, he's a good player to own.


Justin Meram ($9.7): Meram has been killing it so far this season so I'm going to keep my faith in him alive by recommending him again. He will be playing in Chicago, and while Chicago did add Schweinsteiger, I still don't trust their backline to keep Meram out.

Rodney Wallace ($7.9): Last time Rodney played D.C. United he walked away with 11 points. I'm taking my chances on him this round.

Anibal Godoy($7.3): His price is a huge bonus, he's playing at home, and he's well rested since he didn't play at all last round. That's enough for me to give him the nod this week.

Kevin Molino ($9.9): Before you call me crazy, with Dallas’ rotation risks as well as Minnesota scoring in every game so far, I have to try a punt here. It's so obvious how important he is to Minnesota’s offense, I just think that if Minnesota gets a chance to score, it's going to be because of him.

Michael Barrios ($7.9): Assuming he plays, I could see him having a big game. The Loons can score but they can't defend, so Barrios is looking good to me this round. I would have a backup just in case he doesn't get the minutes.


Maxi Urruti ($8.7): This again is under the assumption he doesn't get rotated. Maxi in my eyes is an underrated forward in this league. He's not the best but he’s better than people give him credit for. I could see him notching at least 1 goal against United.

David Villa ($10.3): It was a tough choice who would take the second forward spot between Adi, Larin, and Villa. I'm going with Villa here purely for how he played last time against D.C. He's also coming off a 2 assist game. My money is on him this round.

So that's it for the picks. This was sort of a tough week of match-ups to pick through but I did my best. Let me know what you agree or disagree with @notchadwick_ on twitter. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Last but not least, congrats again to Doug Snyder and his team The Golden Eagles for reclaiming the top spot in the TMLS Classic League. Here are the top 10 players after last round! Way to go everyone!