Week 9 Predictions

Great googly moogly, the Loonies got us swooning!

Who saw it coming? Honestly. Who thought that Minnesota would not only win against the Rapids, but post their first ever clean sheet? I’ll tell you who...half of our staff! In fact, only two of the original ‘96 teams won a match last week, and those were against other ‘96 teams. Three of our staff members, Rob, Anne Marie, and Jimmy, seemed to have felt the presence of expansion teams, because they all walked away with 7 correct guesses out of 10! Only one of us scored under 40%, but I won’t point fingers at who it was, mainly because thumbs are positioned better to point the direction I need.

This week, the majority yet again shifts in favor of Minnesota, who have seemed to have reduced their GA substantially, and have gained our confidence in the process. This week is a first for the Loons, as they now hold more than a 50% share in confidence for the first time in pick history! Coming up against a team that hasn’t won since week 2, we feel that banking on the Loons is the wise choice. But, will San Jose come back snapping like a cornered beast?

Also, in a week of firsts, the Timbers have almost completely lost us, as we have no choice but to put our faith in FC Dallas, a team that remains unbeaten to this day. Eventually, even the mightiest will fall (that has to happen before Diaz returns, no?), so will it be this weekend?

What do you get when you win only two matches in your first seven, then lose on average one player a week to injuries? You get this staff completely selling stock on D.C. United! Atlanta United FC nearly achieved the perfect pick score, with only one of us selecting draw on account that...you know? I’m not quite sure. Only a miracle can help the elder United, and Bennyball might not be enough.

And finally, in a world of near perfect consensus, controversy still exists in New York/New Jersey. The combination of Bastian Schweinsteiger’s sudden eruption and the Red Bulls’ non-existent defense may see not only the first home loss of 2017 in Red Bull Arena, but could also see Chicago’s second road win in over 1000 days! Being the anomaly this match is, our group is near evenly split on the result.


Here are the rest of the picks: