Staff Picks - Week 8

We are more inconsistent than the New England Revolution attack.

Week 6 saw our group post fabulous numbers, and we follow that performance with a combined 35% accuracy. We are only slightly better than average, and I can assure you that the pain is real. It hurts us. Cory, yet again, posted our best result with six correct and five incorrect, with Mark and me just behind with one less correct pick. Cory is so proficient at predicting matches, there may come a time when these articles have spoiler alerts tagged to them. Let’s see what he has picked this week.

Looking in the Pacific Northwest, the Portland Timbers are beginning to look a little less than a lock, with four of us expecting Vancouver to pick up at least one point. Their upset over Seattle last week may have prompted a sway in our decisions as well.

D.C. United, again with yet another loss, travels to Foxboro to face the Revolution, who lost earlier this week to well, themselves in a flat affair against an equally flat San Jose Earthquakes which ultimately ended in a 0-0 draw. The majority of us, however, believe New England will find their win this weekend, while I hold onto hope that this week will be the one in which United finally find their feet.

San Jose, however, did absolutely nothing to convince us that they can hold their own on the road against Houston. All but two believe the Dynamo will walk away with three points, the others predicting a draw.

And finally, in a shock decision, Minnesota United, for the first time this year, receives the majority vote in confidence against their former foe, Colorado Rapids. In Minnesota, half of us believe the Loons will finish what they started back in Colorado and find that second win this Sunday.

Here are the rest of our predictions: