Fantasy Report - Round 8

Welcome back to another fantasy report! Today we’re checking out Round 8 and all it's double game week (DGW) glory. Yes you read that right, we officially have our first DGW of the season! San Jose Earthquakes and New England Revolution have two games this round!

I personally love a good DGW, they make things so much more interesting and DGW players can sometimes make or break your point intake. It's kind of a bummer that San Jose and New England are the only two DGW teams this round because in my opinion, the choices for players to pick up could be better. It also stinks that they are playing each other. One team’s success can ruin the other’s potential for the round. However, we have to deal with what we’re given and make the best choices possible.

Aside from the DGW there is still a lot of potential with the other matchups this round. There will be a big Cascadia matchup between Portland and Vancouver in Portland. We saw a Seattle and Vancouver play last round and I think the Whitecaps surprised a lot of people with their win. Portland last round were shutout at home against Sporting KC, so I'm sure Valeri and company will be looking to get back to their goal scoring ways. I can see a lot of goals in this one, and since their rivals, I could also see some referee drama. Perhaps a sending off or some penalties? Who knows but it wouldn't shock me.

Atlanta away at Salt Lake could also be a fun one to keep an eye on. I could see a lot of counter attacking in this game. I'm not sure RSL’s midfield and defense will be able to handle the speed of play that Atlanta plays with. However, I have to point out that Atlanta is prone to mistakes and an experienced team like RSL could take advantage of that.

One other game I see having potential is Minnesota at home against Colorado. Last time they played they drew 2-2. Since then, there was a big trade between the two teams. It's also no secret that Minnesota have drastically improved since that game. Meanwhile, Colorado and what used to be a stingy defense will be without the likes of Jared Watts who picked up a red card last round, as well as Axel Sjoberg who has been injured for a few weeks now. I personally see the Loons' attacking players having fun in this one.

Let's check out the picks for this round!


Cody Cropper ($4.0): I think Cropper and Bingham have the same opportunities to get points this round, but Cropper is significantly cheaper so he gets the start in my book.


Chris Tierney ($5.5): Tierney has the potential to bring in really significant points in any game. He has a wicked cross and shares set piece duty with Lee Nguyen.

Florian Jungwirth ($5.6): Florian has played 90 in every game this season and I expect a DGW to be no different for him. San Jose have only kept one clean sheet this season but Jungwirth has still brought in pretty good points despite that.

Nick Lima ($4.6): Lima is a great pick up not only because he's a DGW player but also because he's stinking cheap. He's also pretty good so yeah I'm not sure why you wouldn't own him this round.


Lee Nguyen ($10.0): I can't imaging anyone being surprised by this pick. He's probably the best DGW player available this round. The guy can thread a pass or curve it into the back of the net. Add in set piece and PK duty and you've got the guy you will want to own this round.

Anibal Godoy ($7.3): I think you could take Godoy or Hyka and be fine this round but Godoy gets the nod from me for his price tag.

Diego Valeri ($10.4): SKC really shut Valeri down last round but I just can't see Vancouver managing to do that on the road in a big game like this.

Kevin Molino ($10.0): I think last round Molino really opened the eyes of people to show them just what he's capable of. He serves in near perfect passes that find his teammates in dangerous spots. I like him this round.

Miguel Almiron ($9.3): Last two times I've recommended him, one of his teammates has picked up a red card and killed his chances at a good fantasy week. I'm hoping this time will be different. I can see him slicing through RSL’s midfield like butter.


Christian Ramirez ($8.1): Not only is he a value pick at $8.1 but he's getting it done offensively. His 5 goals so far is tied with Fanendo Adi for second best behind only Cubo Torres who has 6. Against a makeshift Colorado backline, I like his chances.

That's it for the picks. I took 3 DGW players from each team and filled in the rest. I'm not sold on the forwards for either San Jose or New England this round but I certainly wouldn't blame you if you picked up a Wondolowski or Kei Kamara. Let me know what your strategy is for this round @notchadwick_ on Twitter. Good luck managers!

Also congrats to Doug Snyder and The Golden Eagles AGAIN for hanging onto the top spot in the Total MLS Fantasy League. Check out the top 10 in the league right now!