FC Dallas to Pay Back Season Ticket Members

It can be tough when your favorite player leaves your club. You bought their jersey and spent many nights cheering them on. Well, what if the club repaid you? That's exactly what FC Dallas is doing. 

In an email sent to Season Ticket Members (see below), FC Dallas announced an initiative making them the first Major League Soccer team to formally allocate a percentage of player transfer rights fees to the Season Ticket Members. The program takes effect immediately and any time an FC Dallas player's rights are sold to another club, 1% of the portion retained by the club will automatically be paid out to Season Ticket Members.

Now, I know what you're thinking, that's not a lot of money. You're right, it's not. When a non-homegrown player is transferred, the club keeps 66.6%. For a homegrown player, it's 75%. In the Dallas email they referenced the sale of Fabian Castillo. The club kept approximately $2.8 million from that sale. 1% of that comes out to $28,000. That amount divided up for every STM seat comes out to about $6, according to 3rd Degree. FC Dallas is encouraging fans to share how they're going to use their money from the Castillo sale with the hashtag #Cashtillo.

So, you FC Dallas Season Ticket Members may not be rich just yet, but who knows, that Kellyn Acosta money may come calling this summer.

Here is FC Dallas president Dan Hunt explaining the 1% Program.