Staff Picks - Week 5

We’re back after our writing team went absolutely nowhere during the international break, and we bring you another installment of “expert” picks!

Last 3, Anne Marie carried the group with seven out of eleven guesses correct, while Ian dragged his feet in the back with a 1-10 result. Our guest picker, @SexualJumanji, finished with a winning record of 6-5, a better record than seven of our team; he really picked up the game quickly.

We ultimately decided to skip Week 4, as three guesses (and let's face it, one was a gimme) wasn’t worth the trouble.

This week comes wrought with confusion, as no one exactly knows how to go about picking the match between the two bottom-dwellers in the East, D.C. and Philadelphia. Vancouver has some people scratching their heads as well (although these picks were made prior to the Manneh trade, so there may be some regret within our group right now). However, at the same time, picking Portland produced perfect pitch with our party. Meanwhile, confidence is waning out of favor of San Jose pulling a result, and Minnesota still hasn’t been picked by more than one person to actually win a game this entire year.

Here is the full list of our picks: