Staff Picks - Week 1

Another year means another weekly installment of Total MLS Pick ‘em. We gather the brightest (read: all) minds in TMLS at our disposal, sprinkled occasionally with a guest star, each week to predict the outcome of every match. Some weeks are easier than others, and we like to think we are reasonably well educated enough to correctly choose the results. Most of the time, we’re left baffled as to how we were so, so wrong, while uttering the mantra “parity exists in MLS” to rationalize our terrible decisions. However, we continue to put ourselves through the torture with hope that we will do better the next week. So without further ado:

Week 1 is littered with a series of interesting matches right out of the gate. A shocking showdown between reigning Western Conference heavyweights FC Dallas and LA Galaxy split our group down the line nearly evenly, the new coach Onalfo and a squad losing many of their major players not fazing the confidence in half of the TMLS team. Meanwhile, Atlanta United FC debut against the New York Red Bulls in a contest in which a hefty portion of our staff believes ATL might walk away with at least a point. The same could not be said for the other expansion team, however. Minnesota United FC may have to earn our trust before we are to believe in them when time comes to select. They’re not alone, as literally no one has faith that New England Revolution will do anything significant in Colorado.

See how our team picked the rest of the matches: