Total MLS Goals of the Week - Week 3

GOALS! We love goals. Here’s the five best goals from this week:

5. Josef Martinez’s 2nd Goal

This goal is all about positioning and timing. Look at how Martinez keeps himself between the two Centerbacks while waiting for the perfect through ball. But the work isn’t done there, he still has to round the keeper and slot it home at a tight angle. Great stuff.

4. David Romney’s Equalizer

There’s no stopping a perfectly executed volley. Romney takes advantage of some weak defending by RSL to get into perfect position to blast it home. Even Nick Rimando couldn’t stop the Left Back’s well placed rocket.

3. Quioto’s Counter Attack

I love me a well executed counter attack, especially at a crucial point in a match. Portland had thrown a lot forward to try to get another goal before the end of the half. After Houston does well to clear the ball, Cubo heads it down to Elis, who shows great awareness, skill, and pace to fend off three retreating defenders. What I like most about this goal is Elis’ perfectly placed pass. Any harder, and he probably misses Quioto. Any softer, and the retreating Olum cleans it up. But Quioto gets onto it, takes a touch, and beats the keeper.

2. Joevin Jones Steals a Man’s Soul

Obviously, the highlight of this goal is Joevin Jones ruining Sal Zizzo’s everything. Has anyone heard from Sal since? Has he changed his name? Did he move to a foreign country? Anyways, the nutmeg is great, but lost in the hype of that is that this goal was a well executed team goal. The build up starts on the right side of the field, and Nico Lodeiro picks out Jones on the left side. After Jones does his Mortal Kombat finishing move on Sal Zizzo, he finds a trailing Lodeiro in the box, who one touches it to the far post and Morris puts it home.

1. Benny Feilhaber’s Long Range Looper

Man. What a shot. I’m not even sure Bingham saw it until it was in the back of the net. Obviously the shot was great, but look at all the work Benny does with the ball and without it to get into that position. Top stuff.

Thanks for enjoying this week’s top goals with me! Did you agree with my order? Did I leave a goal off the list? Be sure to let me know!