The Fantasy Report - Round 3

Welcome to Round 3 of fantasy everyone! This round should be an interesting one and I’ll be honest, it's tough to make picks this round. Most of the match-ups could honestly go either way, there are several opportunities to see rotation for some clubs, and with it being only week 3, it's difficult to guess which players are legit or not.

Everyone is looking to bank on Minnesota’s defense and rightly so. The only tricky thing is that they are playing quite possibly the least offensive team in the league. Colorado is known for their solid defense and not necessarily their ability to score goals. Their rock solid defense will also be without Axel Sjoberg as he will be out injured for a couple of weeks. I don't think Minnesota will win this game, especially with altitude being a nuisance to a team that doesn't look completely fit, but this game may not be the fantasy gold that many are predicting.

Many (including myself) are curious about FC Dallas. They played midweek for Champion’s league and we know how Pareja likes to rotate his players. However this round will be their home opener and they have a bye next round so maybe he doesn't rotate? It would be nice to know because they are excellent at home and they will be playing a lackluster New England team. I personally think this game would be the perfect chance to go clean sheet hunting, but with rotation being a threat, it will be risky.

Portland at home against Houston is also a difficult match-up. No one can deny how good Portland has looked so far this season but how will they do against a revamped Houston side? Is it too soon to assume that Houston is a legit western conference contender? Can Houston hold up in the Providence Park atmosphere? I personally suggest staying away from any defenders in this game, there are just too many unknowns right now.

I will reiterate that this round is a tough one to try and judge. All we can do is try to make the best decisions with the information we have available. I'm very interested to see the results this week because the information it will give us will definitely help us in future rounds. Anyways, let's just get into the picks!


Jesse Gonzalez ($4.6): This could be a risky pick knowing how Oscar Pareja likes to ruin our fantasy chances, but I'm recommending the risk anyway. Jesse has looked decent and he's relatively cheap and at home against New England is a really good match-up.


Nick Lima ($4.6): Nick is one of those guys that you want on your team always. He's cheap, he's impressive, and he gets points! He's away at an SKC team that has yet to score this season.

Walker Zimmerman ($6.5): It's a little bit of a splurge to pay the $6.5 for a defender but Walker (if he plays) could be a huge piece to your defense this round. Not only is he susceptible to getting a clean sheet, he's also heavily involved in set pieces on the offensive end.

Harrison Afful ($5.8): Afful is playing against a D.C. United team that hasn't scored yet and has also been leaky on defense. Knowing his ability to get forward I recommend him for not only clean sheet purposes but also his threat going forward.


Diego Valeri ($10.1): As always, Valeri is always a pick for me. His ability to not only assist but also score as well as all of his opportunities for bonus points, Diego is a must own.

Justin Meram ($9.5): I have a feeling Meram is going to have fun against D.C. United. After seeing D.C. let in 4 goals against NYCFC, I have no confidence in their backline and I could see Meram exploiting that.

Marlon Hairston ($7.0): I'm choosing Hairston this round purely because he's playing Minnesota. While the Loons have said that there will be changes in their lineup, I still like Marlon’s chances going forward.

Miguel Almiron ($9.2): Almiron has looked like he's going to light this league up in his first two games and I'm going to stick with him while he's hot. I know Chicago will be tougher for him than Minnesota was, but I'm still not sold on Chicago’s defense so Almiron is someone I recommend.

Michael Barrios ($8.0): Barrios has been quiet so far this season, but he's a heck of a player and I could see him having a good round against New England at home.


Gashi ($9.5): If you know me, you know that I don't even attempt to spell or pronounce his first name. He's been out injured but is likely to make a return this week and who better to return to action against than Minnesota.

Josef Martinez ($9.2): Coming off a hat trick in Minnesota, Martinez should be booming with confidence. With Almiron trying to pick him out, I could see him having success against Chicago’s back line. 

Giles Barnes ($7.5): The newly appointed DP for Orlando should be well rested having not played last round. He's also quick and lethal in front of goal and I just don't think Philly will be able to contain him.

So those are my picks for round 3. I'd love to know what you all think and I'd also love to see your own lineups for this round. Hit me up @notchadwick_ on twitter and show me what you've got going this week!

Also, congrats to team JKfc for coming in first in round 2 for the Total MLS league with a whopping 122 points! Here are the top 10 leaders after round two, great job everyone!