Baldomero Toledo Explains Cards Given to Van Damme

LA Galaxy captain Jelle Van Damme was sent off by referee Baldomero Toledo in Sunday's game against the Portland Timbers. The Belgian received two controversial yellow cards, just 3 minutes apart.

After the game, referee Baldomero Toledo explained the call to a pool reporter at the StubHub Center : 

 Why were each of the yellow cards given to Van Damme?

“The first caution was given for dissent, the second caution was given for stopping a promising attack (attempting to trip).”

Did Van Damme make contact on the play with Chara on the play leading to the first yellow card and/or with Guzmán on the play leading to the second yellow card?

“Van Damme was given a caution for dissent. On the second caution, Van Damme attempted (to) trip Guzmán which stopped a promising attack. Guzmán avoided the contact and fell awkwardly.”

Van Damme clearly did not agree with Toledo's assessment. He began retweeting gifs of his fouls while in the locker room with the game still going on. He also took to Twitter and Instagram Sunday night to let his feelings be known.