TMLS Staff MLS Cup Brackets

The 2017 MLS postseason starts tonight, and we all know what that means. It’s bracket time!

Okay, so MLS brackets may not be quite on the same level March Madness brackets, but it’s still fun to show off your MLS knowledge (or lack thereof) and document how right (or wrong) you are about what happens.

Some of our staff at Total MLS decided to take a stab at predicting the future. We all agree on one thing (which honestly means we’re all probably going to be wrong). Every single one of us picked a rematch of 2016 MLS Cup, but we all picked Toronto FC to get their revenge.

Clay and Dustyn declared war on Atlanta by picking the Crew to win the knockout round, we split exactly 50/50 on the Houston v. SKC matchup. Top analysts, we are!

Take a look at our brackets below. Be sure to save them so you can tell us how wrong we were when San Jose somehow ends up winning MLS Cup.

PLEASE NOTE: Ian abstained, but had he made a bracket he would have picked Mike Grella to win MLS Cup. Not the Red Bulls, just Mike Grella.

Clay Massey:


Cory Jensen:


Dustyn Richardson:


Jimmy Mack:


Rob Ditta:


Steven Clark: