Total MLS Staff Picks

It's that time of the week again where we put our credibility on the line to try and prove that we can predict the outcome of matches in this rather unpredictable league. More times than not, we all wind up looking stupid. Nonetheless, we shall persist. It's not often that a team gets a vote of confidence from every participating member of staff, but that is exactly what has happened here twice - almost thrice!  Houston continue to inspire zero confidence and as such we've got the entire staff picking SKC to win that at home. RBNY is unanimously chosen to triumph over an inconsistent DC United, and the LA Galaxy got all but one nod to defeat Orlando City. Our toss up match of the week would be Columbus hosting Vancouver. Both of these teams are struggling but have at times shown themselves capable of putting together a solid performance.  San Jose hosting Seattle looks likely to end in a draw for most of the contributors but a win for either side would be a tremendous boost to their postseason aspirations. We'll see how it all shakes out this weekend, but for now take comfort in the fact that were probably all very wrong about these.