Here's What We Know About The Expansion Draft

In his typical fashion, Grant Wahl broke some news on the pregame show for the Champions League. Today, Grant broke some news about the coming expansion draft, along with some other news about the MLS Off-Season. 

The Expansion Draft hasn't been a very popular part of the expansion process for existing MLS teams. With that in mind, MLS has reduced some aspects of the draft. Previously, each expansion team would select 10 players, but this coming draft you'll see them selecting 5. Wahl also notes that teams can only lose up to one unprotected player throughout the draft. Despite the expansion draft being extremely unwelcome by owners, GMs, coaches, players, and fans, these changes should be well received. 

Grant also notes that the draft will be taking place on December 13th, three days after MLS Cup. The rest of the news can be read here.  

(Photo Credit: Brad Rempel/USA Today Sports)