TMLS By the Numbers: The Magic Number to the Playoffs

Another week gone, another chance to look at the math for the remaining weeks on the MLS schedule.

The winners and losers are clear by the points picked up, but surprisingly, a few other results shook up the potential table and not just the current standings as they are now.

Here is how MLS shakes up as of this week in terms of possible points:


Toronto FC’s snatching of all six available points last week was paramount to their chances of remaining in the Supporters Shield race. In terms of sheer potential, TFC still sit eight potential points behind FC Dallas. But the Reds and their blue rivals to the north east are keeping hopes alive in the East to swoop in to claim the regular season trophy.

Out west, however, Colorado’s victory over Vancouver has placed the Rapids in the overall lead in potential points. The season that was projected to be another nightmarish slump for Colorado has turned around similar to that of the 2014 D.C. United season that saw the Wooden Spoon receivers take first in the East and 3rd overall. With games in hand over Dallas and one more meeting between the two, the Rapids could bury FC Dallas’ hopes of a season in which they currently are eligible for a treble.

On the bottom end, Houston and Chicago are a mere dozen (or baker’s dozen respectively) from being the first teams to be mathematically eliminated from a trophy or playoff spot. Both clubs could see their hopes realistically die by the end of this month.

Looking ahead to this weekend, every team has a chance to gain three points, and some even have the possibility of draining their foes in six-point matches. FC Dallas could put Sporting Kansas City further in a hole, and the LA Galaxy could bring Colorado back down to earth.