MLS Fantasy Report - Round 22

Round 21 is in the books and it was filled with a couple surprises. Many of the big name fantasy stars didn't bring in their usual points, Valeri, Diaz, and Kljestan just to name a few. Giovinco did Giovinco things and Frank Lampard continues to get lucky. Molino showed his skills while Charlie Davies returned to the pitch. Lastly, Azira and Drogba walked away with red cards. The average points for round 21 was 57 and the highest scorer brought in 113 points.

With Round 21 now over we can focus on Round 22 which is a DGW (double game week) for Toronto and Real Salt Lake as well as a bye week for FC Dallas and Columbus. Something that should also be in the back of your mind is the ever approaching Round 25 which is also a massive bye week for several teams, so make sure your transfers from here on out are helping you prepare for that.

Let's get into the picks!


Who to bring in:

Brian Rowe: This Galaxy man has 2 home games coming up and he's also not on a team that has a massive bye week coming up. He's a good guy to own right now especially considering that he's only $5.1.

Evan Bush: Montreal hasn't kept many clean sheets so far this season but it should be noted that 3 out of Montreal’s next 4 games are home games, and they’ll be playing Dynamo, Chicago, and DCU for those home games. If you ask me, those are some favorable matchup a for a keeper. He's listed at $5.2.

Who to avoid:

Luis Robles: After conceding 2 goals in Chicago it was found it that Robles played through a thigh injury. I don't know if he will start the next game but even if he does, would you really want a guy who isn't fully 100%? I vote no.


Who to bring in:

Daniel Steres: You should own him, not only is he super cheap but he's also super efficient. Galaxy are at home and aren't part of the bye week. He's $5.5 so you have no excuse not to have him.

Axel Sjoberg: I know Colorado just got spanked by NYCFC but they still hands down have the best defense in the league. Colorado does have a bye in round 25 but Axel is with hanging onto until then. He's priced at $6.1 and well worth it.

Who to avoid:

Keegan Rosenberry: I keep putting him in this category and it's honestly no fault of his own. Philly has been poor and I anticipate that they’ll continue to be poor. You don't need Rosenberry so it's best you don't own him.

Justen Glad: This seems silly since he's on a DGW, but it's been a long time since Glad has been a player that you'd actually want. He has 2 own goals to his name this season and with Olave coming back, you have to think Glad’s days are numbered


Who to bring in:

Ignacio Piatti: As I stayed with Evan Bush, Montreal has some home games coming up as well as against favorable teams. We’ve seen what Piatti can do, why not take advantage of what he has to offer? He's all yours for $11.3.

Kevin Molino: With Kaka back in the mix for Orlando, Molino has reaped the benefits. He's constantly getting into scoring positions as well as finding his teammates. He's also putting up smaller but similar numbers to Giovinco and he's only a fraction of the price at $8.8.

Who to avoid:

Michael Azira: Not only is he suspended this round due to a red card he picked up in the last round but he is also part of the massive bye round. It's not worth bringing him in when you're just going to have to drop him again.

Mauro Diaz: He has a bye this round, then he comes back with a home game followed by away at Colorado (the best defensive team) then is on a bye again. You should use his money somewhere else.


Who to bring in:

Sebastian Giovinco: Don't be reckless here, spend the money to bring him in. He's on a DGW and he's on fire right now. He's $13.4 but you need to find a way to fit him in.

Robbie Keane: Robbie didn't look so good against Seattle but now that he's returning home I expect things to turn in his favor. The Red Bulls defense has been prone to letting goals in this season so I say fork out the $11.6 for him and hope he does well this round.

Who to avoid:

Fanendo Adi: I don't know what's going on with Adi lately but he hasn't been finding the back of the net like he did at the start of the season. He's kind of expensive so I'd recommend putting that money were you might get more out of it.

Didier Drogba: He picked up one of the dumbest red cards you could pick up and will be out this round. However aside from that, no one ever knows when he's going to play or sit and I don't like the idea of spending that much money with a risk of having him not play.

Ok that's it everyone, lineups need to be set tonight before the Toronto game so don't forget! Hit me up @_notchadwick if you have any questions or comments! Good luck!!