Fantasy Report - Round 24

This week on the Fantasy Report we’re taking a look at Round 24 and all of its challenges, especially with the Round 25 bye week waiting in the wings. It's no secret that this stretch of the fantasy season would be complicated, not only because of around 25 but also the quick turnaround to another massive bye week in Round 27. To field an XI in both rounds there will have to be changes and most likely -4s in the coming rounds...more so if you haven't been preparing.

Let's hop in and get into it.


Who to bring in:

Alex Bono: This isn't a long term solution by any means, since Clint Irwin will be back eventually, but for $4.7 in a season with very expensive players, he's a decent option. He's playing in Philly this week then Orlando next week.

Andre Blake: As great of a goalkeeper that Blake is I don't really recommend him because the Philly defense scares me from time to time. However he's one of the only ‘good/cheap’ options that doesn't have a bye in either 25 or 27. You can set him and forget him and focus on other aspects of your team. He's $5.0.

Who to avoid:

Brian Rowe: For weeks I've been pushing Rowe as an option and I would have done the same this week if Nigel de Jong wouldn't have kneed him in the head...forcing him to leave the game with a concussion. Get well soon Brian.


Who to bring in:

Drew Moor: He's not cheap at $7.8 but in the Toronto lineup he is given every opportunity to score on set pieces. I would also like to point out that even without a clean sheet he managed to bring in 6 points last round by getting a 3 point defending bonus as well as a pass completion bonus. With a lot of the good defenders part of the bye week, Moor could be just the guy for you.

Marlon Hairston: Forget for one moment that he's on a bye week next round and focus on the fact that he's at home playing the dumpster fire defense of Orlando City. If you feel like taking a quick risk, he could pay off big time this round since a lot of people are either dropping him in preparation for the byes or waiting to pick him up after the byes. He's priced at $5.4.

Daniel Steres: It wouldn't be a proper Fantasy Report if I didn't recommend him. He scored last week which is nice, he's cheap at $5.4, he doesn't have a bye in either round 25 or 27….annnnnd he goes straight into a double game week (DGW) in round 28. Do you really need any more convincing??

Who to avoid:

Everyone else. :)

I'm kidding, just make sure it's not someone injured/suspended/ or on a bye week next round...aside from Hairston.


Who to bring in:

Nicolas Lodeiro: It's just time. That's all there is to it. Everyone knows about him, everyone wants him...make it happen. He's currently $11.8.

Ignacio Piatti: Piatti continues to be a good pickup with only 1 of 2 bye weeks and a DGW in 28. He also isn't facing the hardest MLS competition in the coming games. For $11.4 he can be all yours.

Justin Meram: Meram picked up a goal last round and he doesn't have a bye in either round 25 or 27. He's got a nice price of $8.5 and he's only owned by 2.8% of managers. He could be a nice differential in the upcoming rounds where many of the best midfielders won't be playing.

Who to avoid:

Sacha Kljestan: Sacha is the best midfielder in the game right now but playing in DC where some big names haven't been able to get it done lately as well as a bye week right might be best to cut him loose now and use his money elsewhere...perhaps for Lodeiro.


Who to bring in:

Ola Kamara: At the moment he is $8.8 and has 0 bye weeks coming up. He's also got a big match against the Revs this round that will undoubtedly be made into ‘which Kamara is better’ … expect his A game.

Sebastian Giovinco: Everyone owns him so you should own him out of fear of getting left behind. He didn't have the best round last week which is funny to say since he ended with an assist, but it only totaled out to 6 points which is underwhelming against a 10 man Dynamo team. However he's Giovinco and you have to pay the $13.6 to own him. Just the way it goes.

Who to avoid:

Robbie Keane: Keane would be a massive pickup right now since the Galaxy have the schedule that it has, but with his orbital fracture/concussion...whatever it is, no one knows if he will play for sure. If he does play will it be as a sub or starter, who knows. Just wait until it's clear before you pick him up.

Thanks for reading another Fantasy Report! If you have any questions or comments give me a shout on Twitter @_notchadwick, I'd love to hear from you! Good luck!!