Minnesota Throwing a MLS Party

It’s an exciting week for Minnesota United FC as they have announced“a celebration of Minnesota soccer” for August 19th. They had already unveiled plans for a 20,000 seat stadium in St. Paul opening in 2018, but their social media campaign alludes to them giving details about the team officially joining MLS and they’re inviting fans to be there for the party.

The club is hosting a party at CHS Field, a minor league baseball stadium, and expect thousands in attendance. 


Minnesota soccer is already showing off the field character fit for MLS, as well. In a recent friendly against AFC Bournemouth their keeper scored an impressive and embarrassing own goal, but less than 24 hours later their social media team explained the main culprit behind the error: jelly, obviously. Their mascot, PK, seems to be pretty good friends with an MLS favorite, Cozmo, the beloved mascot for the LA Galaxy, who would be a great mentor for any mascot coming into MLS.

There will be plenty of changes ahead for the current NASL side, including a name change upon entry to MLS. With DC United already in place and Atlanta United joining the party in 2017, Minnesota United FC would be one too many Uniteds for the league to handle. Apparently 2 Uniteds are a party, but 3 Uniteds are a crowd. Ideas for the name change include the team reverting back to the “Minnesota Stars” as it was before the rebranding in 2013, incorporating use of its current nickname of the “Loons,” or something completely new altogether.

What other names could Minnesota use as they enter MLS? We asked our Twitter followers and got some interesting responses. 


What’s next for soccer in Minnesota? We’ll find out more this week!