Staff Picks - Week 17

Major League Soccer is back in full swing and our staff is finding their form in their picks. Cory and Dustyn finished with 7 correct picks from the 10 games last week, while 4 other writers picked at least half of the games correctly. Progress! We also have a brand new record as a group!  We managed to finally cross that Rubicon and hit 51 total correct picks.

This week we’re joined by a guest picker, our friend and FIFA streamer ChuBoi. After working as EA Sports FIFA Community Manager for 3 ½ years, ChuBoi probably knows more about the EA Sports FIFA games than anyone on this planet. He now creates FIFA content on YouTube ( and Twitch ( and does a podcast and blog as well. You can check out all his online avenues for great info on every aspect of FIFA and some sneak peaks at FIFA 17.
Best of luck to ChuBoi and all of our staff in their picks this week.