Major League Snark: Fireworks and Water Breaks

With plenty of fireworks and hydration breaks to review, the wet bulb globe temperature says it's time for this week in snark.

Tim Howard's return to MLS with the Colorado Rapids sent one of the league’s best goalkeepers  to the bench.  Debuting with a clean sheet makes Howard look great, but Zac MacMath already had 6 shutouts on the season in goal for the Rapids. With only 19 goals scored and 11 allowed in 17 games, the Rapids may be missing the mark in acquiring and spending DP money on a goalkeeper.  It could be the altitude, or maybe Mastroeni wants to make his way to the postseason one draw at a time.

The hype machine is set on overdrive once again as MLS tries to make rivalries out of molehills.  Proximity doesn’t always equal rivalry.  NYCFC was able to answer the 7-0 ribbing by NYRB with a 2-0 shut out of their own, but does this actually create a rivalry or is it just another example of the parity in MLS?  Rivalries happen organically and over time. Let the teams knock each other around for a few years before we all start salivating over “The Hudson River Derby.” The more often the teams play each other regularly with the crowd’s voice backing them, the better it is for everyone involved. Until then, sit back and enjoy the tifo.

USMNT hot take: Jurgen Klinsmann should take his own advice that he gives to so many USMNT players and take his talents to England. Rumors have been swirling around suggesting Klinsmann as an option to fill the vacancy left in the wake of  Roy Hodgson’s recent departure. Maybe this move would allow him to go somewhere where he doesn’t have the player pool or youth development system as an excuse. Klinsmann may have been what US Soccer needed 5 years ago, but signing a coach on for 2 full World Cup rotations is putting a lot of stock in someone with a less-than-stable coaching history. From his time in Germany where he made constant goalkeeper rotations in tournaments and shook everything up from the youth level upward (sound familiar?), to his short tenure at Bayern Munich where he didn’t finish the season, the US needs to believe it deserves more in a head coach. Klinsmann has stated several times that the players need to be held accountable by supporters, but maybe the coach needs to be held accountable as well.

Snark tip of the week: Don’t ever call it “the MLS” because it’s like you’re saying “the Major League Soccer” and it just makes you sound silly.