Total MLS Player of the Week - Week 20

There’s something truly evil about having a week finish with barely a memorable performance among the plethora of matches played. However, worse than having to comb through the desert of player performances is when a monsoon of fantastic plays and match ball-winning feats force the TMLS team to fight over who was truly the best.

Four out of ten matches ended with a difference of at least three goals, and only one finished without any. From Bradley Wright-Phillips schooling Josh Saunders to Kevin Molino finding himself in the right positions to help Orlando earn a point on the road, just about every match had one player who could have walked away with the prestigious honors of POTW any other week.

This week, however, is different.

The fighting was minimal, as we were ALL gobsmacked by multiple players. As a result, we decided that this week will be something special:

The Total MLS Player of the Week is: Sebier Drogvinco

The Ivorian Coast/Italian dual national netted six goals for Canada’s Eastern teams. That’s a hat trick translated in both English and French!

In Toronto, the Italian half launched rockets from the dead ball two times, then finished the match for good by finding space for a cross in front of a battered Travis Worra. His attempts almost saw a goal go in earlier in the match as well. The striker has now scored six goals in four games against D.C. United.

Meanwhile, in Montreal, the Ivorian half’s short game was on par, as his three goals were all deft one-touch tap-ins after peeling away from his markers. Teamwork shined brightly, which allowed the most dangerous man on the field the opportunities to simply redirect a beautifully weighted assist each time.

Our honorable mention this week goes to Sacha Kljestan for his goal and two assists. His performance, again, would have been a unanimous selection had this match been played any other week. Most importantly, Sacha’s sportsmanship deserves the highest praise, as he took time to remind Frank Lampard - an opponent - the current score at the time. Truly a sportsman of the highest caliber.