Fantasy Report: Round 20

After a massive wildcard, Round 19 saw a wide variety of scores. The average score was 54 points and the highest point scorer brought in a solid score of 112 points.

There really isn't much to complain or rant about in this round. All of the big names played and actually did very well. Diaz, Kljestan, and Valeri all had a very good round. Keane, who was a popular captain pick, struggled to rack up points against a weak Houston Dynamo, especially when he failed to convert a penalty. Zimmerman and Campbell also didn't play for their teams this week which did put some managers in a bind, but hopefully after the wildcard most managers had extra defenders on the bench.

Now that Round 19 is over it's time to take a look at Round 20. We have another straightforward round as there are no byes or double game week teams. Also, considering everyone just used unlimited transfers, I can't imagine there needs to be a lot of moves this week, that's at least assuming managers planned more than one round in advance.

Let's get into the picks!


Who to bring in:

Tim Howard: He is the goalkeeper behind the best defense in the league...nuff said. If you have the cash to spend on him $6.2 really isn't that bad.

Brian Rowe: If you don't have the cash to spend on Howard, or are just looking for something different, Rowe might be your guy. He's currently $5.1 and for his production, owning him would be smart.

Who to avoid:

Stefan Frei: I recently saw he had a 5.7% ownership and I have to admit I was surprised. It's not an overly high percentage but for a team that's struggling like Seattle is, I just can't promote Frei, especially after seeing what Portland did to him last round.


Who to bring in:

Axel Sjoberg: The guy continues to be a beast not only on the field but also in fantasy. He's $6.2 which probably doesn't make him a budget defender anymore, but I expect his price to keep rising which only means more money in your bank if you own him.

Daniel Steres: Steres continues to shine for the Galaxy and for the fantasy managers who own him. In the last 4 games he's played he's brought in 7, 9, 8, and 9 points. To make things even better, he's only $5.5. He's a must own.

Who to avoid:

David Horst: Horst continues to be bad for the Dynamo. He gave up a handball last round but luckily for him, Keane missed the penalty. No one on the Houston defense is really good but Horst continues to make mistakes and he's a liability to own in my opinion.

Keegan Rosenberry: Keegan was very popular early in the season but his production has totally taken a nose five. He's still a nice budget defender but there are just better guys out there to choose from right now.


Who to bring in:

Diego Valeri: Everyone should own him, he's just too good to not have. The guy scores even when he isn't trying to that's how good he is. He's $11.2 and worth every cent.

Sacha Kljestan: Finally this past week we saw the Sacha that we all know and love. He found himself in scoring positions and made the most of his opportunities. We have our third New York Derby this round and it will be taking place on Kljestan’s home field, he needs to be owned. You can own him for $12.2

Micheal Azira: Azira is quietly putting in very solid performances. For a $5.5 priced midfielder who had played all but 9 minutes this season and consistently brings in 4-7 points, he's a great option.

Who to avoid:

Osvaldo Alonso: Ozzy has been the lone bright spot for the Sounders this season, but he recently picked up a 5th yellow card which will see him suspended for this round. Find a replacement for him!

Mauro Diaz: Diaz had himself a fine fantasy week but having played in the Open Cup on Wednesday and playing away at Colorado against the best defense, things aren't looking good for his point production this round.


Who to bring in:

Ola Kamara: Ola keeps managing to find the back of the net and I fully expect him to rip through the Orlando defense with ease. He's got a nice price of $8.7 and should be able to fit nicely in your lineup.

Robbie Keane: I know Keane had a tough round last round, but this week he will be taking on a lackluster Portland defense. I fully expect him to get on the score sheet in one way or another. He's $11.6 if you're considering him.

David Villa: DV continues to score goals in MLS and I suspect he’ll be looking to continue to do that in the New York Derby this round. Even if he doesn't score, he’ll still probably pick up some bonus points which makes him a win/win option. Pick him up for $12.2.

Who to avoid:

Chris Wondolowski: I haven't been impressed with Wondo this season, even when he was scoring early in the season. Since returning from Copa he hasn't scored more than 3 points. In fact, he hasn't scored a goal since game week 7. He did manage 2 assists in game week 10 but other than that he's done next to nothing. Avoid him.

Sebastian Giovinco: I'm not putting Gio in the avoid section because he didn't score against a 9 man San Jose. I'm putting him in the avoid section because without Altidore, Bradley, and Johnson, Seba has seriously struggled. Until those guys come back, I'm not spending the money to own him. I heard Altidore might make an appearance this around but I'm not holding my breath.

Ok that's it, I hope you enjoyed this week’s Fantasy Report. If you have any questions or comments, hit me up @_notchadwick on Twitter. Good luck!!