We Have Received Your Most Intriguing Correspondence - Mailbag

Good afternoon everybody, I hope the week has been as kind to you as Oscar Pareja was to the Seattle Sounders. This week we discuss that decision, transfer rumor policies, Mix Diskerud, and Sunday's upcoming Cascadia Clash. That's a lot to get to, so I'm going to go ahead and gets things started.

This is one of the biggest questions early in the transfer window. He hasn’t featured in NYCFC’s 18 recently and Patrick Vieira has made it abundantly clear that he’s willing to let him go. The biggest stumbling blocks in moving him are going to be finding a team that thinks he could be useful and finding a team that can afford to take on his massive 750k per year salary. In my opinion there aren’t a whole lot of teams in need of a player like Mix’s services.

Seattle is the destination I keep seeing discussed the most, but they’ll be wary to bring on another midfielder with Lodeiro likely joining the team soon, Roldan developing nicely, and Alonso having maybe the best season of his career.

So can anybody use him? Sure, he'd be useful as a depth piece at a number of teams, but you can't be signing depth pieces at that price point and still expect to have a fluid roster. 

As things currently stand, there would probably have to be a situation where NYCFC eats a large chunk of Mix’s salary in order to get another MLS team to bite. Another option for Mix would be to go back to Europe, but he’s making a lot of money and living in New York City so he might not be inclined to go anywhere at all.

The Mix situation is going to require a pretty creative solution. It’s difficult to see how this one is going to play out.

-Ian L.

MLS to Detroit seems to be a slow moving task, but there is a soccer base in the city that could help continue moving the discussion forward. Don Garber has talked about including the two lower tier teams without really specifying how they would be included. These comments can either be taken as the potential for someone coming in and buying one of these clubs to make it into an MLS team or as utilizing this soccer culture built by these two teams to help fuel an MLS team in the area. Either way, any discussion is a positive thing this early in the game. Only time will tell, but taking that time to ensure a solid foundation is much better than rushing into the league and allowing the team to fail.

-Britt Jo

I had a dream (no joke) that Ilsinho got traded, so maybe that? If you're a Union fan, I hope that doesn't come true. Honestly, and saying this is a testament to how well the new front office has recovered from the previous mess, Philadelphia is pretty set right now. I could see the team making a depth move or two, but I don't think they need major help or an upgrade at any position. Remember, they get Maurice Edu back at some point. That equates to a mid-season DP signing, except this one already fits into the league and the team. Be confident in what your team had now! It's good enough to challenge for top spot in the East.

-Anders Aarhus

As an editor here, I can tell you with absolute certainty that in the internet soccer news game, nothing gets more clicks, engagement, attention, and social media buzz than transfer news.  There are entire websites that exist solely to traffic in the unlikely and poorly sourced world of backroom transfer dealings, and there are accounts on Twitter that are laughably inaccurate with their reporting that still have several hundred thousand followers. People like to read this stuff, because it’s fun to imagine.

Major League Soccer likes it when famous players are linked with the league because it generates interest and more brand awareness globally. Is it a little shoddy? Sure. Whether it is intentional or not, the fact that a rumor appears on the official league or an official team site does lend the rumor a lot more credibility than it deserves.

I’m sure that starting to feature these kinds of things was a conscious choice by the editorial staff at mlssoccer.com, and I’m also sure they are enjoying all of the additional attention that it brings to their content. Honestly, it doesn’t bother me as long as it is clearly labeled as rumor/speculation and not actual news.

-Ian L.

This guy: 

Well, Sam, this is a very interesting question as this is something I’m sure a lot of people have thought about at one point whether they realize it or not. Major League Soccer as an entity signed a contract in 2010 to let ADIDAS be the sole kit provider for the league and all of its teams. This makes it easier for the league to have uniformity, but most of all it makes it easier to make that sweet merchandise money. Before the contract it was hard to find kits for teams that negotiated their own deals. Now shirts are easy to find for every MLS club.

The contract is up in 2018, and as of now it’s way too early to predict if ADIDAS and MLS will decide to do business beyond that point. In MLS 1.0 teams were able to decide their own kit sponsors and as long as MLS continues to grow I highly doubt it will ever go back to that model. MLB has a dedicated jersey provider, the NFL does it and the NBA does it. All of the big American sport leagues do have a dedicated jersey provider. That’s just that American capitalism baby.

Basically all of the big sport clothing companies (Nike, ADIDAS, Under Armour etc.) will probably try to get a slice of the MLS pie in 2018, but I doubt it will ever go back to each team being able to decide their own kit providers. Will Nike try to step in and commit an entire takeover of the United States kit provider? It would not surprise me as they already do the USMNT kits.

-Clay (@Clay_FC)

What a difference five goals makes huh? Whether or not this is a “turning point” remains to be seen, but I bet the locker room was a lot more fun on Thursday than it was all season long.  Obviously Seattle finally had some breaks go their way. There isn’t a much better way to start a match than to get a penalty and go up a man. Pareja obviously sent a fairly weakened lineup, but he was well within his rights to do so. FC Dallas have a lot of matches coming up and I don’t think anybody was expecting Seattle to score five goals the rest of the season, much less in one match. So I guess what I’m saying is that while that match was certainly a bit of an outlier in terms of expectations, any day like that at the office is likely to improve morale and confidence. With the addition of Lodeiro likely forthcoming and possibly another signing as well, they just might get things turned around after all.

As for this weekend at Portland? I’ve given up predicting these matches a long time ago. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of form either team is in this is usually a pretty close match up. Neither of these teams have set the world alight with their results so far. Portland has six more points than Seattle, but Seattle has two games in hand. Portland has a -1 g/d and Seattle has -2. Portland’s at home and the hosts tend to do better in this rivalry, so I’m inclined to give them the nod for Sunday. Seattle will obviously miss Clint Dempsey but I don’t expect this one to be a blowout for either side.

-Ian L.