Fantasy Report: Round 19

Round 19 was stupid. Not just for me but from what I've seen on Twitter and Reddit, many people were not happy with this round. I think most would have preferred that rounds 18 and 19 were combined but #becauseMLS things were a bit wacky. I think this round gets the award for most captain changes. First Giovinco was rested. Then Kljestan was rested. Then Diaz was rested. At that point it was a mad scramble to pick up whoever was left. Pareja took a chainsaw to his lineup which resulted in a well deserved 5-0 loss to the Sounders. Sorry Sounders fans for not believing in you. To top things off, the guys that did play in this round didn't do much of anything and most of the goals scored were scored by weak fantasy options. Lastly, as proof of how crappy this round was, the average score was 27...let that sink in.

Moving on to Round 19, I'm going to do things a tad differently since most managers will be using this unlimited transfer round to completely reconfigure their team. I'm going to give you my first draft as well as my reasonings for picking them. Remember, this is a first draft, It will likely change a little bit before the deadline.

Also, I saw from @MikeDatTiger that even though this is an unlimited transfer round, the transfers still count against you unlike a Wild Card. This could be important at the end of the season.

Let's get into it.


TIM HOWARD ($6.1): Four of Colorado’s next six games are at home and then they have a bye in Round 25 with 7 other teams. Colorado easily has the best defense in the league and I expect that to continue. Howard has only played 2 games so far but he's pulled in an 8 and a 5 and I expect he’ll continue to bring in the numbers that MacMath was bringing in.

BRIAN ROWE ($5.0) Rowe is currently the second highest goalkeeper in total score behind only Luis Robles. I like Rowe because he's got a nice price and he is not on one of the teams that have a bye in Round 25. His match ups as well as home and away games are a tad concerning which is why I have him as a backup behind Timmy.


AXEL SJOBERG (6.1): I have yet to own Axel but I will be bringing him in without a doubt. He's too good to pass up right now. Not only is he a bonus point king as far as defenders go, but he's also proven that he is a goal scoring threat as we’ve seen a couple times already this season. I did hear he has a broken wrist and while I don't expect him to sit out because of it, there is always that fear of it happening, so that is the only scenario where I wouldn't draft him.

WALKER ZIMMERMAN ($6.6): I've owned Zimmerman all season and so far he hasn't let me down. He's good in the air both on the defensive and offensive ends and he racks up defensive bonus points. He's also currently the number one defender in the game, he's staying on my team for sure.

RJ ALLEN ($5.3): Allen has been quite the surprise this season. We didn't see him up until Round 7 in which he only played 21 minutes, but he made a splash in Round 8 when he scored against Montreal. Since then he's racked up a considerable amount of points either through assisting or keeping clean sheets. His price is also nice so it seems like a no brainer having him on my team.

DANIEL STERES ($5.4): I'm pretty sure most people own Steres and have owned him since he scored in the Galaxy’s opening game of the year. He's a budget defender who brings in consistent points, everyone should own him.

JONATHAN CAMPBELL ($5.1): I have not owned Campbell this season, but he is officially joining my team this week. It's important to me to have all 5 of my defenders be guys who get consistent minutes and points in the case of emergency. Campbell is the epitome of a budget defender and while he may not be a starter on my team, I take comfort knowing I can use him if I need him.


MICHAEL BARRIOS ($8.0): Barrios is another guy that I've owned all season and I'm going to continue owning him at least for now. Dallas is proving that they aren't that good on the road, but when they play at home they are a completely different team and one you shouldn't ignore. Barrios is the kind of guy who will bring you anywhere from 3 to 7 points a game consistently because he works his tail off and is a serious threat going forward. I also like his price in a game with very expensive midfielders.

MAURO DIAZ: ($11.3): First of all I'd like to say that I'm not one who is afraid about having 2 players from the same team in the midfield. I've been doing it all season and it hasn't hurt me yet. Diaz is a must own in my opinion and that's probably why he's selected by 20.1% of managers. He's a game changer and has had 6 games where he pulled in double digit points.

SACHA KLJESTAN ($12.0): Kljestan is another guy owned by a considerable amount of managers and it's for obvious reasons. Despite the Red Bulls struggling this year, Sacha like Diaz, has also had 6 double digit games. He takes most set pieces and currently leads the league in assists. He's going to be hanging out on my team for awhile.

JACK HARRISON ($5.8): He has been out with injury for most of the season, but now that we’ve seen him play, many managers are impressed, including myself. His low price is also enticing since we are at the point in the game where all the must own guys are super expensive. Welcome to the team Jack.

MICHAEL AZIRA ($5.5): Just like with the defenders, I want to make sure that all my players are starters. Azira has played 90 minutes in all but one game (81’) so far this season for Colorado. He isn't flashy, he isn't going to bring in a ton of points, but he will consistently bring you 3-6 points a game. He's a good bench guy or guy to stick in if you're low on transfers. I would like to point out that if Diego Valeri is back from injury this week then he will be taking Azira’s spot, until then, it's all Azira.


ROBBIE KEANE ($11.7): In the 8 games that Keane has played this season, he has scored or assisted in 6 of them. I have yet to own him this season but now seems as good as time as any. He's taking on the Dynamo this week at home and that just makes me want to own him even more.

MAXI URRUTI ($8.5): Maxi started the season off hot but then cooled off a bit and then struggled with an ankle injury but now that he's back starting again (excluding the Seattle game) he's looked pretty good. He got a goal that is currently up for Goal of the Week and hopefully that will give him the confidence to score some goals at home this week. Like Azira, if Valeri is ok to play this week, Urruti might be another guy who has to make way for him. I actually hope Valeri doesn't play this week because I like Dallas playing at home.

OLA KAMARA ($8.6): It’s been no secret that Ola has been on fire recently. Columbus are playing at home against a struggling DC United and I'm hoping to see him bring my team another multi-goal game. A lot of managers are nervous to bring him in because they aren't sure he can keep this goal scoring up, but I figure why not own him until he stops scoring goals? I'm going to take advantage of what I can while I can.

BRADLEY WRIGHT-PHILLIPS ($11.1) Owning BWP is like playing Russian roulette, you never know if he's going to bring you a hat trick with 15+ points or if he's going to bring you a yellow card with 1 point. I own him, I've owned him since the first time he played Orlando, I’ll probably continue to own him. His upside is just too good.

This team will cost me $122.1 and will leave me $2.5 in the bank. If this is the team that I roll out, it will be a total of 7 transfers.

Instead of doing Twitter questions in the report, just hit me up @_notchadwick and I’ll get to you much more quickly that way.

Good luck, I can't wait to see how everyone's lineups turn out!