Damien Perquis and Toronto FC Part Ways


On Tuesday evening, Toronto FC announced that the team and Polish defender Damien Perquis have mutually agreed to part ways. Damien has played in 12 games this season, starting 11 of them, while contributing 1 goal and 1 assist.

The news came as quite the surprise to many Toronto FC fans as the defenders’ time in Toronto has marked one of the few, if not only, periods of stability at the central defender position. With MLS caliber talent at the position now being in surplus and cap space being at a premium, losing Perquis will be felt, but his salary, an extremely high $427,500 guaranteed compensation per MLS Players Union 2016 Salaries, could be better used at other positions as the second half of the season kicks off. 

With a rash of injuries plaguing vital components of the squad, look for the Reds to acquire veteran experience at the forward position with their newly recovered cap space.