Fantasy Report - Round 16

Round 15 is over and I could not be happier about it! I'm going to refrain from an angry rant and instead just point out that rotation is going to happen and you should be prepared to be disappointed when your captain and/ or when 6 or more of your players play limited minutes in their Double Game Week (DGW). It’s going to happen, we’re going to be mad about it, and we’re not going to learn from it by doing it in the next DGW. Wash, rinse, repeat. The cycle continues.

If you don't know what I'm talking about then let me give a quick explanation. When the lineup for the Red Bull game was announced, there was mass panic when managers didn't see Kljestan, Bradley Wright-Phillips or Dax McCarty in the starting XI which caused people to quick change their captain from one of them over to the only other viable option...Joao Plata. Well guess how that turned out, Plata didn't play a single minute in his second game and finished the week with 3 points. Meanwhile, Kljestan didn't even play 90 minutes between the two games combined finishing with a mere 5 points. BWP did manage to score a goal and finished with 9. It's all very frustrating to be kept in the dark about rotation risks, but the best advice I can give is to just know it's a possibility. Go with your gut. If you captained BWP and switched to Plata, you went from a potential 18 points down to 6, so barring injury, just stick with your original plan. You picked that player for a reason.

Now for a quick second I just want to give props to the highest point scorer this week. He captained Roland Alberg and took home 56 points from it! Considering the average points this round was 63, you can see how big of a deal that choice was. My hat is off to you sir! That was by far the ultimate differential pick of all time.

Now, looking forward to Round 16, we are facing another DGW, this time with NYCFC and the New England Revolution playing two games. Note that one of their two games is against each other. There will probably be rotation risks, let's just put that out there now, but it shouldn't really deter you from picking who you want.

I also want to point out that now is the time to start looking for differential picks. Everyone has a Valeri, Kljestan, Giovinco, Diaz on their team. It's time to take the risk on someone that not everyone has to set you apart. Of course be reasonable, pick someone who has a legit shot at getting you points.

The last thing to remember is that a few clubs played U.S. Open Cup games on Wednesday, and a couple of them went to 120 minutes. Be mindful of that when making your selections.

Let's get into the picks.


Who to bring in:

Luis Robles: The Red Bull keeper didn't bring in very many points last week but he will be going up against NYCFC this weekend and last time these two teams played...well...lets just say he got a clean sheet. He will also most likely have Aurelien Colin back from his phantom red card. Pick him up for $6.3.

Brian Rowe: The Galaxy man is currently on the market for $4.8 which makes him a great budget keeper. He will also be playing at home against Vancouver who I believe just lost Octavio Rivero, not that he was much of a scoring threat anyway, but it still may make team dynamics a bit complicated.

Who to avoid:

Bobby Shuttleworth: The decline of Bobby had been quick and fast. He was once the number one fantasy keeper and now he's not even starting for his club, at least the last two games. He might be tempting because of the DGW, but since we’re unsure of his playing time, I say spend that cash somewhere else.

Josh Saunders: He's facing the Red Bulls, I would be utterly surprised if he kept a clean sheet. He will also be facing New England and again I will be surprised if he keeps a clean sheet. The choice is yours but I for one will not be starting him.

Zach MacMath: According to MLS Injury News on Twitter, the Rapids are advertising that the 4th of July match will be Tim Howard's debut, there by sending the number 1 keeper in the game to the bench. Sad. Sell him/don't buy him.


Who to bring in:

R.J. Allen: Despite my predictions of NYCFC not keeping and clean sheets this round, I still can't ignore R.J’s point production on the offensive end. He's been reeling in the points and you should probably own him. He's $5.4.

Walker Zimmerman: He's a bit expensive for a defender at $6.4 but he will be facing and sad and defeated Orlando City team. He should be good for some solid points. He did play in the Open Cup but with Zach Lloyd’s head injury I'm not really sure who else could take his spot. He seems like a safe bet, fingers crossed!

Who to avoid:

Chris Tierney: You may think I'm crazy for this but since coming back from his injury he has not been bringing in points like he once was. He's also $8.0 which is just too much money for an underperforming defender.

Daniel Steres: He was absent from LA Galaxy’s second game last round from an apparent pre game warm up injury. Nothing has been said since regarding his health so maybe just plop him on the bench and start someone else just to be safe.


Who to bring in:

Lee Nguyen: He's the fourth best midfielder in the game right now who happens to be on a DGW. He also takes penalty kicks as well as occasional free kicks. He's a must have. Shell out that $11.8 for him.

Sacha Kljestan: Honestly the did hasn't played 90 minutes in a while so he should be fairly well rested. Sorry NYCFC fans but I just like Kljestan’s odds against you this week. Pick him up for $12.0.

Who to avoid:

Mauro Diaz: Diaz had a great fantasy week last round but he just went 120 minutes during the U.S. Open Cup and considering how babied he his I don't expect him to play very many minutes. He may make a second half appearance he may not. Bench him or sell him for this week.

Chris Pontius: He played well in the U.S. Open Cup but with his limited minutes and playing in the Houston summer heat, I don't see him making much of an impact this week.


Who to bring in:

David Villa: He's on a DGW and even if he doesn't score he usually brings in decent bonus points. I think he will be subject to rotation this week but fingers crossed that he at least starts and is taken off later vs not starting and coming on late in the game. He's on the market for $12.0

Kei Kamara: Since his move to the Revs he's been quiet and hasn't scored a goal yet. Well I predict that this week we see him finally net a goal for New England. He has also played 90 minutes every game but one this season so I expect him to play decent minutes.

Bradley Wright-Phillips: BWP has been playing well recently and I think NYCFC will be a good matchup for him to bring in solid points. I also think the small field benefits him and his goal scoring chances. He's $11.2 right now.

Who to avoid:

Sebastian Giovinco: We know the Italian is worthy of going off on a team at any given moment but with Altidore, Bradley, and Johnson all out with injuries, defenses will be able to put more attention on him. One might also guess that without the quality of those players, Seba might have a hard time seeing the ball get to him as well.

Mike Magee: I'm personally ready to rage sell him and you should be too. He has not done anything really to be considered a top fantasy player. Many of us were blinded by his first game of the season when he brought in lots of points but he hasn't done anything since. Drop him!

Now onto the Twitter questions:

I would advise against bringing him back. Wait and see how he plays without the Bradley, Johnson, and Altidore. Definitely don't take a -4 to get him.

I guess Nguyen wouldn't be a bad choice but just keep in mind that most people will be captaining one of those two players. I'm personally looking at BWP or Kei Kamara.