Copa America Rewind - Day 6

Biggest Winner - Brazil

While yes, it’s easy to say that Haiti is not nearly in the same dimension in terms of competitive level as Brazil, but the fact is that the Little Canaries needed a confidence boost that they lacked since July of 2015. Time will tell if this 7-1 decision will right the wrongs for Brazil, but signs of life today proved that the team is still one to be respected.

Daily MVP - Coutinho

A hat trick in a competitive match is difficult no matter the opponent. The Liverpool maestro showed moments of brilliance in the United States today that those across the pond have been repeatedly treated to over the course of the last two seasons. In addition to the three goals, he found himself in the perfect positions multiple times throughout the match as well as placing pin-perfect passes to his teammates time and time again.

Goat of the Day - Casemiro

A yellow card today means an accumulated two for the tournament, meaning he has to sit out the third group stage match against Peru.

Biggest Surprise - Haiti Goal

Not many, including the most hopeful, expected anything from Haiti against Brazil, but James Marcelin was able to find space against a defense that maybe showed a bit too much complacency for a short moment in the second half. While the result proved hard to swallow for the Haitians, at least the team could walk away with a goal scored.

Best Moment - Samba Dino

  Get down, Dino Dude!

Get down, Dino Dude!

Best Goal - Christian Cueva

A precision pass from Guerrero to Cueva, who turns and nutmegs the defender on the first touch, then drills it into the bottom corner from at least 16 yards out...silky brilliance.

Fernando Fiore Moment of Bliss - A nod of respect to a “goal for life.”

Marcelin’s goal not only gave Haiti a moment of respite, it also gave Marcelin himself a moment to treasure for the rest of his life. Fiore, a man of wisdom, took time to reflect on Marcelin's extraordinary journey following the Haitian earthquake, and in recognition of a beautiful moment, gave a salute to Marcelin’s achievement.

MLS Connection - Referee Mark Geiger

Geiger has a reputation - one that has ebbed and flowed over the years rather consistently. In MLS, he is known for his command of the game, disrupting flow and issuing cards like charity function pamphlets. He frustrates teams and has no hesitation for sending a player off at any time for any reason. Internationally, however, his poise and vision on the field is second to none, and the matches are a beauty to witness as the few challenges that are called tend to be enough for the players to grasp his level of tolerance. His performance at the 2014 World Cup nearly landed him a pitch position for the Final. Now if only he was like that more domestically...

Final Whistle - Haiti’s Copa America Campaign

Haiti is the first to bid farewell to the Copa America tournament. Even though they still have one match remaining, they are mathematically out of contention for the elimination rounds. But don’t worry, Haiti...Nou toujou renmen ou.

Thursday Slate

Group C: Uruguay v Venezuela (7:30pm ET, FS1) Philadelphia, PA

Group C: Mexico v Jamaica (10:00pm ET, FS1) Pasadena, CA