There's Flooding Down in Texas: My Trip To Texas Derby

I have recovered from last Thursday night and can finally put to words what exactly happened at Toyota Stadium. It seemed like any other Texas Derby. FC Dallas were dressed in red, Houston were in black ready to play soccer. I was ready to watch soccer and bring you, the loyal followers of Total MLS, great Snapchats (follow us at totalmls if you haven’t.)

Mother Nature was having none of that. She didn’t want any soccer to happen, and tried her hardest to prevent it. At first, it was just a light sprinkle, nothing we here in Texas can’t deal with. Texans are tough, right? Cowboy up.

But what came next brought every Texan in that stadium to their knees. It would have sent rainforest dwelling animals running for cover. As the teams kicked off, the Pacific Ocean fell from the sky. Not literally, but it probably would have been less water.

This was seriously the hardest rain I’ve ever seen in my life. Standing on the touchline I could barely see the players, “playing soccer” on the field in front of me. Players were sliding like drunk penguins on their backs as they chased the ball around. The ball itself basically couldn’t travel more than a few inches on the ground before it hit a puddle that looked deep enough to drown in.

The hilarious four minutes the teams played seemed like an eternity and after some coaxing from both sets of coaches the fourth official urged Kevin Stott to stop the match. Someone was going to get hurt without a doubt. The players slogged off the field and back to the locker rooms where they waited for nearly two hours to come back out.

During those two hours, the rain did not let up. Being a true American hero committed to my task of Snapchat, I stayed out on the field in the rain to hang with fans. In my wandering, I found that the side of the stadium just past the ad boards had about 5 inches of standing water thanks to the running rapids that used to be stairs in the stands, filling my size 12 Nikes with about 3 inches of water at a time.

Needless to say, I was soaked, fans were damp and the players were drenched while the field was quickly looking like Toyota Lake. We all toughed it out, together, and played a full game of soccer eventually thanks to the Toyota Stadium grounds crew who squeegeed their butts off to make that field playable.

Have you ever heard that song “Texas Flood” by Stevie Ray Vaughn? Yeah, that was our night at the Texas Derby. The things we do for soccer, man.

“Well dark clouds are rollin' in
Man I'm standin' out in the rain”