Staff Picks - Week 16

We're back again with staff picks. After a rough first 15 weeks we did a little bit better last week getting 41 right and 79 wrong, The fact that this is considered an improvement shows about where we're currently at. We've got to give some shout outs to Cory who once again hit .500 and maintains a somewhat tentative grasp on credibility and newcomer Heath who is nearly a quarter of the way to getting out of last place even though he's only been doing this for a week. Per usual the staff picked heavily against Chicago and Houston, but Sporting Kansas City got very little love going on the road against Montreal. DC United vs New England tend to be pretty back and forth games, and that's probably why it has the highest disparity of picks this week. 

This week our goal is to get 50 right collectively.  Wouldn't that be something?