Fantasy Report - Round 15

Round 14 was probably one of the most disappointing rounds so far in this fantasy season. Everyone who has been doing well so far this season managed to do exceptionally bad. Most of the games ended in a draw which meant there was not a lot of clean sheets to go around. It also seemed that the forwards didn't do much scoring, for example Drew Moor scoring for Toronto and Mike Grella scoring for the Red Bulls. Then to top it all off, there was random early substitutions, namely with Sacha Kljestan and Chris Pontius not playing very far into the second half of their games. All of these things together created a perfect storm of bad scores across the game. The average score was 39 points which is evidence that most people suffered this round.

Now that Round 14 is in the bag we can point our attention towards the double game week (DGW) that is Round 15! If you aren't already aware, the LA Galaxy, Philadelphia Union, New York Red Bulls, and Real Salt Lake are all playing two games this round. History proves that playing two home games is a distinct advantage in this game, so keep your eyes peeled for Union players who are taking on a weak Chicago and a not-great road team in Vancouver. That being said, the Red Bulls are playing two away games so be a bit weary when adding in those players, but also keep in mind that they've been in great form as well. It's going to come down to just your opinion really on if you want to take the risk or not.

With all this being said, let's get into our picks.


Who to bring in:

Luis Robles: I know the Red Bulls have two away games but Robles and his defense must be brimming with confidence right now. Robles and company have 4 straight clean sheets and will be looking to extend that run. Robles is available for $6.3.

Andre Blake: If you're looking for more of a budget ($5.0) type goalkeeper, this youngster is your man. He's a great goalkeeper no doubt, but the Union have only had 3 clean sheets all season which isn't an overly great stat to be honest. But, since Blake is playing two home games against weaker competition, I'm recommending him for this week.

Who to avoid:

Joe Bendik: This Orlando City keeper has been great for Orlando this year in terms of keeping them in games, but fantasy wise it's probably best you avoid him. It's no secret that Orlando has a hard time holding a lead and with the defensive errors that keep happening, Bendik just isn't in a position to get you decent points. Not only that but he will also be facing Giovinco this week so just move along and find a new keeper!

Brian Rowe: He might be a popular choice because of his cheap price and DGW but LA Galaxy for having the team that they have has not done a good job of keeping the ball out of their own net. Like Andre Blake, Rowe only has 3 clean sheets and he is taking on Colorado who keeps finding ways to win as well as a San Jose team that even without Wondowlowski is still putting the ball in the net. There are just better options right now than Rowe.


Who to bring in:

Sal Zizzo ($6.6)/Connor Lade ($6.3): Just for the heck of it, I looked up the EPNR (expected points next round) for defenders and these two were the number one and number 2 players that showed up. Obviously this stat is just a prediction but based on how well the RBNY defense has held up as well as how well these two get into the attack, I have to say I think it could be a big week for these guys.

Keegan Rosenberry: This Union man is a special talent and should be in your team this week. He's been quiet with his point totals lately but with two home games this week I would be genuinely surprised if he doesn't bring home some decent scores. You can have him for $5.8.

Who to avoid:

Justen Glad: I have admittedly been pushing Justen Glad on you guys for quite some time now but boy was I wrong. I've had him on my team the past couple weeks and I'm repeatedly disappointed. The only thing he really has going for him is his ability to be a threat on set pieces. Aside from that he has a knack for yellow cards, not keeping a clean sheet and even has an own goal to his name. He is still on my team because I won't drop a player on a DGW, but I truly wish I could drop him right now. If you have him keep him, but do not go pick him up.


Who to bring in:

Sacha Kljestan: Hopefully when Jesse Marsh took him out early in the second half last week it was because he planned to have him play a ton of minutes this week. Even with 2 away games, you still have to consider this playmaker. All yours for $12.0.

Chris Pontius: Pontius doesn't typically play 90 minutes which actually makes his point totals all the more impressive. With two home games expect Chris to have some high scores. He's available for $7.3.

Mike Grella: I have to plug this dude again because he saved my bacon last round. He brought in 14 points against the Sounders and proved to be a good differential pick. He's nice and budget friendly at $8.3 and is just a good all around midfielder. Grella is also is expected to bring in 21 points next round according to his EPNR which is more than any other midfielder by 7 points! The only thing that concerns me about him is that he just welcomed a new child to the world, so have a backup just in case he doesn't make the away trip with his team.

Who to avoid:

Benny Feilhaber: Benny is a great player no doubt about it but don't be fooled by his points last round. Despite SKC beating FC Dallas I call that game a fluke. SKC had an own goal that wasn't called, but if it had been called Dallas probably would have been able to see the game out quite nicely. Benny did manage a nice assist but his penalty goal was an absolute joke and so I write those points off as if they didn't count.


Who to bring in: 

Bradley Wright-Phillips: BWP had a tough game last round only walking away with 2 points and a yellow card, but he still can't be ignored. He's had 3 double digit games this season where he's brought in 15, 16, and 17 points. You just can't leave him out on a DGW. He's priced at $11.1.

Joao Plata: It's hard to ignore that Plata’s point totals haven't been great lately, but he's also one you can't ignore for this DGW. The guy is a tireless worker who will at the very least pick up some bonus points so definitely consider bringing him in. He's $9.5.

Sebastian Giovinco: Gio is making his way back into the recommendations. I don't think I would be saying his name if he wasn't playing Orlando City this week. With their tendency to let goals in, Giovinco will be looking to take advantage of that. He's expensive at $12.7.

Who to avoid:

Mike Magee: For a guy that takes corners and set pieces he sure doesn't bring in very many points. I recommended him last week and deeply regretted it because he brought in a womping 2 points and only played 76 minutes. He's not typically a guy that goes 90 anyway, but even his EPNR is only at 5 points which is really sad considering he’ll be playing 2 games. I have him already so I won't be dropping him, but don't go and get him if you don't have him.

Fanendo Adi: Adi is a great player who has scored several goals this year, but there are some things going on with him and rumors are swirling about a transfer. Considering he spoke out about it and his displeasure, we may see him ride the bench this week or at the very most play and be super frustrated. Who knows really but with all this going on he's just not a good pick up right now.

Ok those are our picks! Let's get onto the one and only Twitter question!

GDS is probably the better all around player but with his injury he may see limited minutes, so I choose Plata in this instance.

I gotta go with my dude Grella here. Pontius has his moments where he is just overly quiet and he plays way less minutes. The Red Bulls are also in great form right now which means better opportunities for Grella. However, if you can own both this week I wouldn't hesitate to do that.

I'm going to assume the JMo is Javier Morales here and this is a tough one. Diaz is the better player but he's so injury prone and babied with his minutes. Morales on the other hand is old and slow these days but he's also on a DGW his week. For this reason I'd have to say Morales this week but all other weeks I'd have to choose Diaz.

Well everyone, that concludes this week’s Fantasy Report! Good luck everyone!