Copa Daily Rewind - Day 10

Biggest Winner - Peru?

I feel kind of bad calling Peru the big winners when their winning goal was less "Hand of God" and more "Oh my God, How Did The Ref Miss That Handball". Nonetheless, Peru beat Brazil.  Peru won their group and Brazil is eliminated from the tournament. Let that sink in for a moment. I mean controversy aside, Brazil was clearly playing for a draw and didn't see the sucker-punch coming.  What will the fallout from this defeat look like?  Well, It's hard to imagine that Dunga will be stepping on the pitch again as the head coach, and additionally this is a pretty high profile incident that could have been easily avoided with the use of video replay. Will this be the incident that creates a significant push for a rule change? Maybe not, but it's certainly going to be talked about. 

Daily MVP - Enner Valencia

The West Ham man was in very good form this evening against Hait, who were once again completely overmatched. He scored one , provided two others, and was a handful throughout for a Haiti side that has struggled defensively throughout their Copa America run. Ecuador's next match is against the USA, and the Americans are going to have to come up with a plan to cope with him without the services of their paciest defender, DeAndre Yedlin, who was dismissed for a pair of yellow cards in their match against Paraguay. 

Daily Goat - Andres Cunha

It's been a disappointing Copa America for the nation of Uruguay, and their representative in the referee pool, Andres Cunha, was ultimately responsible for blowing a very important call. The whole officiating crew are to blame to some extent, and bad calls have hardly been exclusive to this match, but this is going to be a rather noticable black eye on an otherwise exciting tournament. 

Biggest Surprise - Brazil Eliminated

Nobody thought that this Brazilian team was going to be one for the ages. While their player pool is exceptionally deep, and the side is quite clearly stocked with an amount of talent that would be the envy of 90% of the world's national teams, they were still hard done by the absence of their talisman, Neymar and what will be remembered a historically bad call. If you know anybody that told you Brazil would be eliminated in the group stages, you either know a liar or a genius. Be careful around that person either way. 

Best/Worst Moment - Handball Goal

It was a handball goal that send Brazil out of a major tournament. Depending on whether or not your Brazilian it was either the worst or best thing that's happened so far. 

MLS Connection

Not much to speak of really.  How about this? You know who else has to deal with questionable decisions from officials? MLS TEAMS. Right?  

Goal Of The Day - Handball Goal 

Are you noticing a theme here? I apologize for repeating myself, but handball goal is clearly going to be the goal of the day and probably the goal people remember in 30 years.