Fantasy Report - Week 9

Round 8 of MLS Fantasy was great for some and disappointing for others. If you were one of the ones who captained David Villa or Lee Nguyen, my hat is off to you. Picking two underperforming high priced players who happened to have two home games was a risky pick that paid off heavily. If you went all in on Sporting KC players, my heart goes out to you. If you stuck with RBNY despite their underwhelming start to the season, congrats on picking up some major points. With double game week (DGW) 8 out of the way, let's look forward to the single game week that is Round 9.

First off I’d like to say that since this is a SGW that Peter Vermes will be less inclined to rotate his players, however I have no comments on his strange formation. So if you have Zusi and Coelho, I really don't know what to tell you. You might have them in their natural positions, you might have Zusi at RB and Coelho at CDM. The only thing I want to mention about SKC is that even though they are underperforming and getting rotated, they do have a favorable matchup this round against the Dynamo, so just think twice before you rage sell these guys.

The best advice that I can give you for this round is to remember that rounds 10, 11, and 12 are all DGWs and then Round 13 is a SGW in which a whomping 8 teams have byes. Just keep that in mind while preparing, save yourself from having to take point reductions because you weren't prepared. Also, don't forget that this week Chicago and Philly have byes, don't have them in your lineup!

Let's slide into who to bring in and who to avoid.


Who to bring in:

David Ousted: Mr. Ousted is currently the top goalkeeper with 51 points and he faces Portland this week at home in a massive Cascadia match up, and then has a DGW in round 10 which shows him at home against Chicago and away at Toronto. Melia has been a bit disappointing lately so Ousted is someone to strongly consider. He has a price of $6.1.

Jake Gleeson: Last week I said this kiwi should be one to avoid, but that was before I knew Liam Ridgewell was back. The Portland defense looked way better with Ridgewell in the lineup and even when the defense broke down against Toronto, Gleeson stepped up and made several massive game winning saves. He also has a DGW in Round 10, not to mention he also has a very enticing price of $4.5.

Tim Melia: As much as Sporting has sucked lately, I still have to keep The Comeback Player of the Year in mind. It's just too hard to ignore all the DGWs he has, and we certainly know he's capable. It would be helpful if his very expensive defense would keep him from getting hung out to dry on goals, but he’s still one to consider. Has a price of $5.6

Who to avoid:

Joe Willis/Tyler Deric: I don't know which man will start for Houston, but it shouldn't matter, stay away from them both. The Dynamo have not been good defensively and unfortunately the goalkeepers have paid the price for it.

Chris Seitz/Jesse Gonzalez: Once again, it's anyone's guess who will start as both have been umm...not good. I don't know what is up with Dallas lately but they are getting goals scored on them at an alarming rate. They do have a DGW in Round 10 in which both games are home games, so that is something to consider, but for now, I think you're better off with the other keepers.


Who to bring in:

Liam Ridgewell: Liam looked pretty solid against Toronto and I suspect Vancouver won't be as tough of a game for him as TFC was. With a DGW in Round 10 as well, he might just be worth forking out the $8.0 for him.

Bobby Burling: I don't know how he's doing it but he's managing to bring in solid points each week. He's a pretty big dude so he's a threat on set pieces and we have seen him both score and draw a penalty this season. He had his price jump up to $6.0 after last week’s performance against Montreal.

Justen Glad: Justen Is a great budget defender option with a price $5.3. He doesn't have any DGWs coming up but he does bring in pretty solid points for a guy who is this cheap. He is also one of the players who does not have a bye in week 13 which will be helpful in not having to burn a transfer down the road.

Who to avoid:

Brek Shea: I love this “most likely to be caught with a gas mask” guy as much as the next person, but aside from his 1 incredible goal this season, he hasn't been very good. And for being $7.9, it's just not worth it.

Zach Loyd: Dallas has a lot of favorable matches coming up but as I stated earlier they are conceding at a rather large rate. I'm not saying it's Zach Loyd’s fault by any means but he likely won't get you a clean sheet. It was also stated that he was battling some sort of injury and he will be traveling to Toronto but it's unclear if he will play yet. That's enough reason right there to leave him out.


Who to bring in:

Sasha Kljestan: I didn't think I would be saying this but Sasha has brought in some major points recently and he's playing an Orlando City that they whomped on a couple of weeks ago. He's fairly expensive at $11.5 but if he keeps bringing in double digit points, he will be totally worth it.

Diego Valeri: I mean just look at his scores, that should be enough reasoning. He also has a DGW in week 10, he's too good to pass up. You can snag him for $10.5.

Mauro Diaz: He looked a little rusty last week but the guy gets into good positions. He missed a sitter last week that could have seen his score be much higher, but with his corners, penalties, and free kicks, you can't ignore him for long at $10.6

Honorable mention:

Mike Grella: If you can't afford Kljestan, Grella is a great option at $8.1. He's been tearing teams up lately, I doubt Orlando City will be much different.

Who to avoid:

Ignacio Piatti: This might be surprising, but since Donadel has returned to the Montreal lineup Piatti’s role has shrunk a good bit. He's been moved out to the wing and has just seemed uninterested in being the player he was at the start of the season. Add that into the fact that Montreal doesn't really have anymore DGWs coming up, you might as well take that money and spend it elsewhere.

Kevin Molino: This T&T man has been adding to the Orlando City attack but unfortunately left the game last week early due to a calf strain, he likely won't be playing this weekend and if he does it will probably be with limited minutes.

Lee Nguyen: He had a nice DGW last round but I have a hard time seeing that continue once Tierney comes back. Lee benefitted from Tierney’s absence by taking all set pieces. No one knows when Tierney is returning but I hope you're not holding Nguyen when he does.


Who to bring in:

Sebastian Giovinco: the Italian striker has been tearing it up and is leading the forwards in total score (75) and in price ($12.4). With a string of home games and a DGW in round 11, you would be silly to not own him.

Fanendo Adi: Adi has also been killing it lately for Portland, and now with Diego Valeri back trying to slip him in behind, expect more from the big man. Also has a DGW in round 10. He's priced at $10.3.

Maxi Urruti: Maxi has been quiet lately, but so have Dallas as a whole. He will be taking on Toronto this week but then has a DGW in Round 10 where he’ll have 2 home games, and with Diaz back, he might be able to get back onto the scoresheet, and with a price of $8.6 he should be easy to pick up.

Who to avoid:

Dom Dwyer: It actually pains me to say this but Dom has not been good for Sporting so far. Between getting rotated by Vermes and then not making much of his time on the field, it might be time to start looking elsewhere. My advice is if you have him, you might as well keep him through the DGW, but under no means should you go out of your way to pick him up.

C.J. Sapong: I have seen a lot of people pick this guy up for his DGW coming up, but don't forget that he is on a bye this week, so make sure if you have him that you put him on your bench.

Now onto the Twitter questions!

Piatti and Nguyen. Piatti is in a slump, and Lee most likely won't get you more points than Valeri or Jones.

No there are no mulligans, only -4’s :(

Fagundez and Piatti could probably go for now. Neither have DGW’s coming up and they both have byes in round 13. That's some serious cash you can use somewhere else, perhaps for a Valeri or Kljestan.

I personally dropped Aird from my squad this week. $6.5 is a lot for a defender if you aren't even sure he's going to play. Since we don't know the reasoning behind his absence, I wouldn't risk keeping him.