Fantasy Report - Round 12

Well, here we are again. MLS Fantasy Round 11 is in the books and double game week (DGW) 12 is ready and waiting for us. Round 11 was a tough one no doubt. I think every fantasy player and their grandma captained Giovinco and he managed a measly 7 points. I'm sure many of you thought Red Bulls would destroy Chicago...obviously not the case, Bradley Wright-Phillips managed an assist but Sacha Kljestan left that game with a disappointing 3 points.

What probably hurts the most is what NYCFC did to us. If you went with NYCFC players over Red Bulls players, in particular David Villa, RJ Allen, and Tommy McNamara who all combined for a total of 3 points, all of which came from DV (all 3 I recommended, I'm sorry) I'm guessing you're not too happy about that. There is without a doubt, a special place in Hell for Patrick Vieira. Not starting his key players against Toronto was stupid and he got lucky because Poku saved him, and he managed to screw all of us in the process. And then the can of whoop a** that Red Bulls opened on them made this week either a complete make or break. I hope you were on the make side. Thankfully we can put this all behind us and move our attention to Round 12 and how to prepare for the dreaded ‘everyone has a freaking bye week’ that is Round 13.

Orlando City and Philadelphia Union are the only two teams on a DGW this round. It should also be noted that Orlando City are one of the 8 teams that have a bye in Round 13. If you're bringing in an OC player, be prepared to either bench that player or waste a transfer on that player once Round 12 has concluded.

Also keep in mind that both the Red Bulls and NYCFC are playing at home this week, and NYCFC aren't on a bye Round 13 and have some DGWs in the near future. I know we all want to rage sell them after last round but it might be worth hanging on to at least David Villa for a little while longer. Red Bulls do have a bye in week 13 but if you have Kljestan or BWP, you might want to save consider keeping them for this round before selling.

One of the most raised questions his week is ‘what to do with Giovinco?’ He is on a bye in week 13 but do you bench him or do you sell him? I think I'm the minority on this one but I'm fairly certain that I will be benching him. With his price being so high (the highest in the game at $12.7) there is no straight swap for Gio. If you transfer him out and end up spending all of his $12.7, that means just to get him back you would have to make at least 2 transfers. If you kept some money in the bank then sure, I guess you could swing it but I for one am just going to save myself the headache. I'm keeping him this week, benching him in round 13, and he’ll be back in my starting lineup in round 14. That will allow me to use my transfers elsewhere, at least consider it people!

The last thing that I want to touch on is it is officially Copa America time. The US players already have a red exclamation point next to their names so be weary! It's hard to keep track of all the different players and their respective national teams and instead of naming them all I'm going to do the easy thing and let someone else do it, and someone already has compiled a list for us. Hit up @SoccerCaptains on Twitter, he put together this awesome list for allFantasy Managers out there and deserves some love. Below is the list, check it out.

Now that all that is out of the way let's get into the picks!


Who to bring in:

My best advice here is to ignore this if you have at least 1 keeper that doesn't have a bye in Round 13. Do not waste a transfer on a goalkeeper if you don't have to.

Jake Gleeson: Gleeson is priced at $4.4 and is going to be starting until Kwarasey comes back and maybe might give him a run for his money. Since he's so cheap and it's pretty much guaranteed he's starting annnnd he doesn't have a bye in week 13, he's the only goalkeeper I can really recommend on bringing in.

Who to avoid:

Honestly with transfers being so important this round and next, just avoid bye week guys, keeper has such a low ceiling for points that it's just not worth it.


Who to bring in:

Keegan Rosenberry: Keegan has proven that he's a stud on the field and the Union defense has been strong. On a DGW this week and doesn't have a bye in week 13, at $5.9 he's a must have.

Justen Glad: This youngster has impressed me with his play, his total score (47) and his price ($5.3). He also doesn't have a bye in week 13 so he's definitely a good option to consider.

Daniel Steres: Also a nice cheap youngster who doesn't have a bye in week 13. This Galaxy man should be able to bring you decent points and being priced at $5.2 is helpful as well. 

Walker Zimmerman: Zimmerman is currently worth $6.3, is a contender for scoring set piece goals, and has been in good form as of late. Also lacks the bye week so for a little extra money you can snag him.

Who to avoid:

Ronald Matarrita: NYCFC have home games and DGWs in the near future but this fella will be off with his national team so don't buy him.

Rafael Ramos: Ramos is on a DGW this week with Orlando City but he went out with a hamstring injury in his last game and will unlikely play at all this round. Not to mention his play hasn't been that great anyway, if you really want an OC outside back, look at Alston who is the player who replaced Ramos.

Tommy Redding: Don't get me wrong here, Tommy is a great player but for some reason he keeps getting benched for Seb Hines. Seb has been dealing with a knee injury so Redding took his place but who knows for how long. And in all truth, the OCSC defense has been leaky all season, best to look elsewhere.


Who to bring in:

Chris Pontius: Chris has been steady this season and is currently the top midfielder for the Union. Same like Rosenberry he's on a DGW and you won't have to worry about transferring him out right away. Oh and he's a good budget option at $7.2.

Diego Valeri: You should always have Valeri but it was confirmed by Porter today that he is healthy after having gone down in the last match, so don't quick sell him if you were worried about his injury. At $10.7 and no bye weeks in sight, you should have this bonus point machine in your lineup.

Sacha Kljestan: If you have him from last round, keep him one more week but don't go out of your way to get him with his bye week looming. Playing at home this week should bring him some good numbers hopefully. Currently at $11.8.

Who to avoid:

Kaka: I hate putting Ricky in the avoid category but in a DGW it's almost a given that he won't go anywhere close to playing 180 minutes. If minutes aren't important to you then go for it, he can still make a difference in less time than that but I just wouldn'trecommend it.

I can't really come up with anyone else to single out, just don't bring in anybody leaving for Copa or on the bye week.


Who to bring in:

C.J. Sapong: I'm not a huge fan of C.J. but he's hard to ignore on this particular DGW. Sapong is priced decently at $8.2, you should probably get him.

Cyle Larin: Mr. Canadian Messi is the only other guy you can really consider for this DGW but be careful, depending on how much Kaka plays, he could end up with a NOcerino trying to feed him balls, it's really up in the air with how he’ll do this week. If you feel like taking the risk and bringing in a player who is about to be on a bye then you can get Larin for $9.3.

Giovanni dos Santos: I recommended him last week but mentioned that he shouldn't be a priority. Well he's officially a priority, whether it's this week or next, you should probably bring him in. Lots of his Galaxy teammates will be on national team duty and that pretty much just leaves him to hold down the forward spot with Magee. He's available for $11.3.

Who to avoid:

Fanendo Adi: He didn't train on Tuesday and Caleb Porter didn't sound overly confident that he would be able to play this week. Plug that money in somewhere else.

Lucas Melano: His price of $8.5 is nice as well as his lack of a bye week but the poor guy can't score a goal to save his life. Sorry Portland, we can't spend money on your forwards right now.

Anyone else worth mentioning is either injured or on international duty so just make sure you’re paying attention and you should be fine.

Now onto the Twitter questions!!

I personally would rather go with Gio or Valeri, I don't think Larin is consistent enough to captain. If you feel like making a differential captain choice then maybe it could pay off but just know that it's risky.

I would recommend checking out the list @SoccerCaptain compiled, it's a great tool. It's better than anything I could tell you.

Giovinco is good and expensive, everyone should own him and if they don't, fine with me, more points for me.