Total MLS Music Review Corner: Shots by Alexi Lalas

You may be more familiar with Alexi Lalas because of his Soccer punditry or *that* hair in the 90s, but once you gets to know more about Alexi, you’ll come across two things immediately: His love for music and his love for America. These two things find themselves blending in Shots, Lalas’s fifth album. If you’ve heard Alexi speak at all about soccer in this country, you’ll know that he believes deeply in America’s ability to achieve great things. That clearly stems from a belief in America as a whole, and that comes across in Shots. Just like the way he comes across on TV, at times, Shots occasionally ventures into unapologetic candor. Some of the lyrics are a bit over the top prima facie. Some of the guitar riffs are over-produced, but below the surface you can feel this album comes from a place of American honesty. Lalas has never shied away from who he is, and he doesn’t start now.

In songs like American Outlaw, you can hear the deep belief Lalas has in this country. Songs like Dancing to a Whisper, evoke an understanding that the artist is honest with who he is. The beginning songs of the album nod their head appreciatively to the American classic rock that we grew up with. The middle of the album gets a little softer and a little more emotionally transparent. The ending songs of the album are anthemic and announce to the world that Only the Best will do.

Shots is thirty minutes of Alexi Lalas – and America – at their best. He’s not ashamed of who he is, even if that means he’s going to have to go at it alone. And isn’t that what has made our country great; our willingness to take chances even if the odds are stacked against us? Alexi Lalas is unapologetically American, and so is Shots. The message of this album is that you shouldn’t be afraid to be who you are or who you are becoming. Be who you are, go after what you want, even if it means that you’ll end up with a Paper Crown or a job that requires you to stare at Grant Wahl’s giant head.

Album is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.