Fantasy Report - Round 11

Round 10 is officially in the books and I for one am a bit sad about it. I mean that in a way that this was the best I have personally done in awhile and I don't want it to end...sniff. Anywho, if you scored less than 100 this week then something went horribly wrong for you. I mean if you just look at the Dream Team you’ll see that 3 players reached the 20 point mark (Morales, Manneh, and Giovinco) followed closely by Diaz with 19 and Zimmerman with 18, it made it actually really hard to not get a ton of points this round. I'm hoping at this point you at least have Giovinco, who scored 20 points in literally 1 game unlike the others who needed 2 to get that high. Diaz with two home games seemed a no brainer but with Dallas not looking as sharp as normal, it was a bit risky, if you took the bait, it paid off well. I had a feeling Zimmerman was due for a goal and boy did that pick pay off as well. I don't think anyone saw Manneh and Morales performing like they did, at least I didn't, but if you had them, you are hereby crowned king/queen of the differential pick. Now that the massive double game week (DGW) that was round 10 is over, it's time to look forward to the less impressive but still important round 11 DGW.

This week Chicago Fire, NYCFC, RBNY, and Toronto FC all have a DGW. Beware, of those 4 teams, only NYCFC doesn't have a bye in round 13 so be careful with your picks! With this being rivalry week, I'm expecting lots of passion, which can also result in lots of yellows, so avoid the hotheads if you can. Sure that seems like a weak piece of advice but for those of you who have seen Seattle and Portland or Sporting KC and Real Salt Lake, you know how yellows and even reds can occur quite easily. Yes, I know Portland plays their “other” Cascadia rival Vancouver, but hopefully you get the point I'm trying to make.

Also, look out for injuries this week. Several players went down with injuries that eventually took them out of their games last round, some notable ones being Adi, Altidore, Drogba, and Urruti. Don't get stuck with these players!

Let's move onto the picks!


Who to bring in:

Clint Irwin: The TFC keeper will be facing the Kei-less Crew and Tommy Mac’s *ahem* *cough* David Villa’s NYCFC. For DGW keepers, he's really the only one I feel comfortable recommending because no way in HE double hockey sticks would I ever recommend the wrecks that are Robles and Saunders, and Lampson is equally as risky. Oh and Irwin who is priced at $5.6has double home games.

That's it, I can't recommend anyone else. If you have a different keeper, I'd recommend just keeping them to be honest, keeper is the most worthless fantasy point thing to worry about so don't bother wasting a transfer unless it's one of the 4 listed below.

Who to avoid:

Luis Robles/Josh Saunders: I'm recommending you stay away from these keepers for separate reasons, but those reasons really don't matter because you guys have seen what Robles is up against with his defenders and Saunders is Saunders...moving on.

Andre Blake: Philly has a DGW in round 12 but Blake will be away with his respective national team. Don't bother.

Tyler Deric: I can't imagine Tyler will be starting after playing only 3 games and recording 2 reds, and even if he does, he's still a terrible option because he will most likely get sent off a 3rd time with the crap defense he’s got in front of him.


Who to bring in:

R.J. Allen: The dude came up big in his last DGW with a goal annnnd he proved he can play a magnificent ball to result in a goal. And you can keep him through the round 13 bye. He’s a solid option at $5.3

Drew Moor: With the double home game he's a hard one to ignore. He's a defensive and offensive threat and currently leads all other TFC defenders with 52 points. He's a tad expensive at $7.4 but it could payoff.

Jonathan Campbell: This young lad is one to consider since he has surprised many critics so far this season. If he can get a shutout against the Dynamo, which is very do-able, he should get you decent points. Beware as his other game is against Kljestan and BWP, but even still, he should be good for some solid points. Available for $5.3.

Honorable Mention:

Keegan Rosenberry: He faces DCU this week and then has a DGW in round 12 and this past round he showed us what he's capable of...against solid attackers as well! Keep him in mind at $5.8

Who to avoid:

Aurelien Colin: Despite being on a DGW against Chicago and “rival” NYCFC, the former OCSC player is a red card waiting to happen. He also is often times caught out of position, which to be fair, doesn't hurt his fantasy points, but it should be enough reason to not pick up any other Red Bull defenders as well.

Ronald Matarrita: This Costa Rican national team player would have been a good pick if he wasn't also leaving for Copa America.

Fabinho: I'm not sure if he's injured or what but he didn't play against Montreal and that's enough reason for me to not pick him.


Who to bring in:

Sasha Kljestan: I really don't think you can afford to not have Sasha in a DGW, especially considering he's playing Chicago and NYCFC. Do the right thing and bring him in for $11.6.

Ignacio Piatti: Ignore the fact that he's not on a DGW and has a history of being hot and cold and look at the fact that he's playing Orlando City. It pains me to say that, but with horrible teams making OCSC look like a bunch of toddlers, your best bet is picking a strong player against them. You can snag Piatti for $10.5

Tommy MacNamara: I mean the legend has a knack for scoring amazing goals and even if he doesn't, he should still get you some points in his DGW. T-Mac is available for $7.4

Mauro Diaz: Not on a DGW, but I still have to recommend him. He will be taking on New England in New England, but if you watched his performances last round, you want him in your team. Priced at $10.9

Who to avoid:

Benny Feilhaber: I'm a Benny fan but the SKC midfielder has not been at his best this season. He did rack up 9 pts against the embarrassing OCSC but I wouldn't read too much into it.  At some point things will click for Benny, but for now you should probably invest somewhere else. And it's no secret that Benny hates Kyle Beckerman and RSL just as much as anyone on theSKC team so look for him to probably get booked this round.

Matt Polster: You might be considering the Chicago captain as a cheap DGW choice but before you do so, you should recognize that Polster has not had more than 6 points in a game this season. I also believe he is coming back from injury so he's might not be at his best anyway. Avoid.


Who to bring in:

Sebastian Giovinco: If there was ever a time to bring this guy in (if you don't have him already) it's now. With a DGW and both of them being at home, you would be straight up silly to not pay the $12.7 for him. Don't be left in the dust, pick him up.

David Villa: Villa made me pay last time for not picking him in his DGW and I will not make that same mistake again. At $11.6 it's a lot to dish out for him (especially if you have Giovinco) but I don't think anyone can risk not having him this week.

Bradley Wright-Phillips: While his goal scoring this season hasn't been like years past but that is still no reason to rule him out of this DGW. Expect him to be very active and for Sasha and Felipe trying to feed him balls. He is $10.7 if you're interested.

Honorable mention:

Giovanni dos Santos/Joao Plata: These two guys shouldn't be a priority by any means, but it is very nice that they don't have byes in week 13 so if you're in a jam and looking to save a transfer down the road, these two are great options at $11.4 and $9.4 respectively. Also, dos Santos turned down going to Copa America, so that will also be very helpful when some of his teammates are gone.

Who to avoid:

Maxi Urruti: Besides the fact that he's managed to hurt his ankle, I would be getting rid of him anyway. He managed 1 lousy point last round and he hasn't been much better in any other games of his lately. It's time to move him for someone with better production.

Jozy Altidore: As I mentioned above, he is out injured and he also is having the worst time of his life right now. The guy can't score so just keep him as far away from your team as possible.

Didier Drogba: He might have been a nice option against a terrible Orlando side but it was announced on Tuesday that he will not travel to Orlando for the game either because he is still hurt from his last game or the fact that Orlando plays on turf. Either way, don't get him.

Time for Twitter questions!

I'm assuming you have Giovinco already. The only other one I can think of is Bradley Wright-Phillips. I think he will be a good pick this week. A nice budget option could be R.J Allen or Tommy Mac, they are likely to snag some points and have decent prices.

A lot of the big names this week are very expensive like Klejstan, Giovinco, BWP, and Villa, so it might be hard to fit them in without having to make sacrifices elsewhere and that can cause a headache with point deductions. For anyone other than those 4 I don't think a point deduction is necessary.

I think your transfers are great, getting DGW players without having to take a point loss is good stuff. Plus with Zusi underperforming and Urruti injured, it makes perfect sense.

Kljestan is the easy choice. His ceiling is just so much higher than Bradley’s. Bradley has been consistent at getting at least 5+ points per game, but he isn't going to get you much more that, whereas Sasha has the ability to get you upwards of 15+.