Staff Picks: Week 11

So what did we learn in our first week of staff picks? We learned that picking the results in Major League Soccer is incredibly hard and should only be tried by licensed professionals with an advanced degree or 5 years requisite experience in prognostication. It was all about Cory and Mike last week who guessed a majority of their matches correctly. Ian, Rob, and Anne Marie held up the bottom of the table, but did so with a quiet dignity. 

This week, we've got a whole slew of games to predict, and we're incredibly excited to announce that we have a guest picker to assist us. This week features the predictions of an entity that may or may not possess the power of time travel and therefore have an unfair advantage. That alien being, excuse me, Universal Futbol Olympian, is none other than the LA Galaxy's own Cozmo. 

If you aren't familiar with Cozmo, he's known for loving three things. His mother, The LA Galaxy, and Tacos. He says he can finish top half in the predictions. Let's see how he does.