Put Some Respeck On These Names - Your Best MLS Fantasy Team Names

22. DoopDoopDoopadelphia

This is very on brand for the Philadelphia. We've got to admit that DOOP song is pretty catchy. 

21. Valerian Steel

It makes sense that you'd name your fantasy soccer team after the most powerful weapon in a fantasy epic. It is known. 

20. Jong, Wild and Free.

Well, he’s not currently free, but no arguments from us on the wild part.

19. Smug as Caleb Porter

Because Caleb Porter really is very smug.

18. Dw’yer Maker

If this one is a bit mystifying enjoy the video below:

17. Messi Undies

Gross but funny. Potty humor is an international line of credit.

16. Korb Your Enthusiasm

Pretty. Pretty. Good. 

15. Harvester of Sauro

No one fights like Gaston. No one bites like Gaston.

14. Colorado Vapids

Heh. Vapid. Roasted. 

13. Garber 4 President

It probably won’t score you any extra fantasy points, but it can’t hurt to try.

12. Jozy & the Pussycats

Obvious, but somebody had to do it.

11. Shipp to Amarikwa

It's fun how it's the name of a fantasy team, but it also tells us a story. 

10. RIP Mutiny, #RIPXFL, #RIPRomanEmpire, #RIPIceBucketChallenge

Mourn ya til I join ya.

9. MakeAmarikwaGr8Again

It's political. It's topical. It's about Quincy Amarikwa. It uses the number "8" instead of letters.  This is a well constructed name. 

8. Klute Patooties

This is just so goshdarn adorable

7. Jehovah’s Fitness

This isn't really an MLS pun so much as well, just a regular pun, but it's a pretty good one. Could be a good name for a religious gym. 

6. Danso With the Stars

Anything involving Futty Danso is funny.

5. Manneh from Heaven

We are all #blest.

4. Bendik like Bekker

Double Pun. Double Points. This more than likely comes from a TFC supporter who can’t let go.

3. Yura Wizard Harry

No. You're a wizard whomever named this team. You are. 

2. Panic at the DisCo

Unbelievably good. This is an amazing MLS fantasy team name. How could anything possibly beat it? It would have to be something so amazing, so brilliant, so... 

1. Mabwati’sAWonderland

Sorry every other MLS fantasy team name.  It just wasn't your year.  Look at this and remark how wonderful it is to gaze at the beauty of perfection. Congratulations whomever you are. You earned the top spot. 


Do you know of any glorious names that we missed? Do you think anything can beat Mabwati'sAWonderland?  Well you'd be wrong, but we'd love to hear the best you've found.  Let us know in the comments!